Icescape 2

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Icescape 2Icescape 2Great news today! Icescape 2, the sequel to Icescape, the popular room escape game created by Psionic, is live!

“After discovering some kind of Alien spacecraft had crash landed into your research base then being confronted by a hostile creature, you did the only thing you could… you shot it, point blank in the head…

There were no other survivors and the radio’s were smashed beyond repair, so you grabbed supplies, warm clothing and fueled up the Snow-Wolf ATV and headed north.

There is a large Mining/Drilling station situated to the north and it is your last chance of survival and hopefully getting word of these creatures out to civilization…”

Are you ready for more action? Stop immediately what you are doing and check out Icescape 2!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Icescape 2 walkthrough (thanks DNOMN8R!)

By Eric

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98 Comments to Icescape 2

  1. LordKnight says:


  2. LordKnight says:

    Alright 1st isn’t so cool i stuck.

  3. PimpMan says:


  4. LordKnight says:


  5. marjolaine says:

    cool game a lot of alien to kill lot of blood……

  6. LordKnight says:

    my math is suck what is the code for 4 digits?

  7. shalan says:


  8. anonymouse says:

    there is no math involved

  9. marjolaine says:

    if i remember good the code

  10. PimpMan says:

    No, the above code is wrong :-)

  11. fedayin says:


  12. Kuki says:

    Thx PimpMan, but still can’t open door, can you clarify how to point the knobs?

  13. LordKnight says:

    Thanks a lot but this game is very easy after that.

  14. syd says:

    0824 worked for me

  15. PimpMan says:

    for Kuki & others having problems to get the first door open.

  16. Jimbo says:

    pointing the knobs doesn’t do a thing!!!!

  17. Jimbo says:

    my mistake

  18. tusa says:

    how do you climb the ladder?

  19. tusa says:

    nevermind – got it

  20. Kuki says:

    Thx PimpMan I finally got it!

  21. tusa says:

    well I got through with a final score of 20320. I bet that’s low. how about the rest of you?

  22. tusa says:

    Oh yeah, if you look at the score board, I’m not even in the top 100 and the rest are unknown right now. I wonder how often it updates.

  23. PFD says:

    How do you climb the ladder?

  24. PimpMan says:

    for PFD

  25. Fallen says:

    Anyone know how to open the ammo cases?

  26. GamerJoe says:

    Wow I was number 11 on the scoreboard

  27. Ste R says:

    what do you do when is says: get those pumps working so the chopper can be re-fueled

  28. Ste R says:

    its ok i’ve worked it ok

  29. alberto says:

    anybody can show an image with the knobs picture in right order? i can´t open quiz it. thanks

  30. adm says:

    first place

  31. sam says:


  32. sam says:

    it’s on the wall.. took a minute to figure out

  33. Reka says:

    What the [ahem] am I supposed to do with the pump? There doesn’t seem to be anything I can control! (Can’t do anything with the dials, can’t turn the wheels, sometimes the red bar decreases but it seems to be completely random… what the–???)

  34. Reka says:

    Power of posting… Show

    A bit too much shooting in this one. Of course, I suppose I should be happy it doesn’t make you restart each time you die. :/

  35. Lee says:

    With the pumps, you must click the corresponding wheel when the dial blows smoke out.

  36. mona says:

    I hate the shootings in this game!!!!!!!!!

  37. amcillrish says:

    how do you change from one weapon to another?

  38. floor says:

    how do I get on the roof. by the way, I found only 3 ammocases…

  39. darren says:

    how u get the little ones to point towards the red light following the green track because the little ones arent on a track??

  40. Fallen says:

    Thanks Sam

  41. EggSucker says:

    This may make me sound incredibly stupid…but…. When you’re in the room with all the trunks, with their combinations pictured on the walls, and once you’ve opened the trunks and gotten the ammunition, how do you open the door? I can’t even get up to the door itself, nevermind open it……

  42. Alex says:

    I’ve opened all the trunks,now I’m stuck! Any hint…………………………..?

  43. Alex says:

    Stuck in in the room with the trunk,after opened all,any hints……………………………….???

  44. Alex says:

    what I’ve to do in the kitchen???????????????

  45. EggSucker says:

    Oh man I must look like an idiot….all I had to do was use the key in my inventory.

  46. DNOMN8R says:

    Okay, I’m completely and utterly stuck. I know this seems dumb, but I haven’t even found the “OPEN DOOR” panel/door. Someone help PLZ!

  47. Masa says:

    So.. Stuck in the pump room, nothing seems to happen when touching the pump wheels or anything else. Help

  48. Masa says:

    Sorry, should have read more closely older msgs…….

  49. Stacey says:

    I really cannot do these knob things, its blagging my head now, can people help me in lamen’s terms so I can get it cracked!!! Thanks xxx.

  50. Stacey says:

    Never ind, I’ve done it!!!