Alpha Assault

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Alpha AssaultAlpha AssaultAlpha Assault is a Word game developed by Likwid Game Studios. Your goal here is to protect your castle from being attacked by the red tiles. To remove the red tiles from the board, all you have to do is forming words that contain as many red tiles as possible.

Instructions: “Click a letter and drag to form a word. Click the last letter to submit the word.

As the game progresses you will encounter new tiles. These tiles can be helpful or harmful. You also earn money by forming words with certain values. Money can be used to purchase a custom letter to add to the board to form that big word you want to make, or to purchase power ups.

The power ups consist of a “Shuffle” power-up that shuffles all the letters on the board when you are stuck. A “Shock” power-up that zaps away 30% of the evil tiles, giving you that breathing room you need. And a “Bomb” tile that destroys all evil tiles in a radius.”

Alpha Assault is a very polished game that becomes extremely challenging as the levels go up. Forming as many bonus words as possible to get extra bomb power-up is essential to keep your castles safe in later levels. On the downside, some common words are not recognized as valid, which can be annoying from time to time.

Overall, Alpha Assault is another great game sponsored by Bubblebox that should please all word games lovers!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.00


One Comment to Alpha Assault

  1. J says:

    I think there’s a bug, or at any rate I triggered some sort of error: starting at level 7, a single word would start the “level complete” sequence and put a new “goodie” on the board. I kept going to level 12, but it kept doing it, so I stopped.