Mission Stage 4 – Special Stage

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Mission Stage 4 - Special StageMission Stage 4 – Special Stage is a new and special episode in the Japanese Room Escape game series, Mission Stage. This “short series” is sponsored by Calpis, a Japanese ready-to drink beverages company. Your today’s mission is to escape a playground ! Have fun!

Mission Stage 4 walkthrough (thanks vytraas!)

By Eric

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32 Comments to Mission Stage 4 – Special Stage

  1. S. says:

    The link doesn’t work….

  2. martin says:

    slow to load
    but it works


  3. shaz says:

    found torch ( used ),scissors,tea towel,key,symbol from a pot,sand paper

  4. nicolasmacs says:

    where ‘s the torch?

  5. shaz says:

    under the bench

  6. shaz says:

    used trowel in front of tree got 2 chests.wiped envelpoe with towel,used key on small chest,got piece of paper.put code 320 on big chest opened it got a boomerang used above a lamp near big stone im done with chapter 1.

  7. nicolasmacs says:

    thank you
    i recognize some caracter, like the park name in lunch box, or hand in white paper

  8. yram says:

    how do you know it is 320? It is in Japanese? thanks…M

  9. mandy says:

    where am i suppose to use the sandpaper at and the lunchbox? what is up with the water fountain

  10. dave says:

    if this goes any slower,it will be going backwards??????
    damn this is a ssslllllooowww loader

  11. Isa says:

    dave – April 10,2008 – 8:59 pm
    if this goes any slower,it will be going backwards??????
    damn this is a ssslllllooowww loader

    I second that, GEEZ this is sssssslllllloooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Reka says:

    Well, that was … disappointing. And weird. Not in a good way.

    Oh well.

  13. J says:

    OK, I’m stuck. Right now I have in my inventory: Show

    I’ve tried every possible combination of things in inventory, but none of them will combine.

    Any suggestions?

  14. Jo says:

    can’t put code on big chest.. :-(

  15. vytraas says:

    Hello there! Here’s a walkthrough for this game. Found it on other site:

    I hope it helps.

  16. vytraas says:

    Hello there! This game never loads:( Any chance to host it here?
    I’m waiting for it to load for 1 and a half hour, but just a blank white screen:(

  17. Totenkopf says:

    me too!

  18. neko_diego says:

    just a blank screen, here too!

  19. vytraas says:

    No luck yet:( I tried Firefox, IE6, IE7, but no play button or anything, just balnk white screen.
    Any ideas somebody?

  20. mr. beer says:

    I hate games that don’t load….

  21. mr. beer says:

    Neither the link or the original server are working…

  22. Reka says:

    To all the people having trouble loading this game: don’t bother. Go play something else, with an ending that actually makes sense.

    As an advergame, this one is a pretty big failure.

  23. vytraas says:

    Reak: It’s easy to say that we shouldn’t bother. After you managed to play the game:(
    Please tell us, how did you managed to load this game? Thanks in advance.

  24. Reka says:

    Vytraas, I played it last night. It took a while to load, but I went off and did other things while I was waiting, so I don’t actually know how long it took. And I never had a blank white screen. (That sounds like it loaded incompletely at some point, but your computer thinks that’s the whole thing, and is refusing to try again. Perhaps you should try clearing your cache, and/or manually checking the folder where your computer puts flash downloads to see if you can delete the game file and start from scratch. Another thing that sometimes works is to use a different browser.)

  25. Lesterly says:

    Its not loading! Gyah- frustrated sounds…

  26. fay says:

    i also have a blank scree !!! : ( What a rip!!!!!

  27. Kaz says:

    I love these Mission Stage games but this one just will NOT load….aaarrrggghhhh.. I tried yesterday and just left it, and nothing happened, now today same thing. Anyone have an alternative link that actually works??

  28. Yma spelt backwards says:

    I cant load any of these Mission stage games…. so annoying!

    its just a blank page can someone help please!!! ^-^

  29. shaz says:

    im on IE6 loaded ok for me when i played it other day,it does say slow to load,may be theres prob with server,keep trying

  30. mr. beer says:

    Nice but it doesn’t worth the waiting…

  31. speelteveel says:

    Game is now available here
    Edit: thanks a lot. Links updated!

  32. speelteveel says:

    You’re welcome =)