Phantom Mansion – 7: The Violet Vault

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Phantom Mansion 7Phantom Mansion 7The Violet Vault is the seventh chapter of the Phantom Mansion series sponsored by the folks at Gimme5games.

Help Hector the Spectre Detector make his way through 24(?) new levels filled with diabolical puzzles using crates, switches and keys to retrieve all the skulls from each chamber.

This seventh chapter is as enjoyable as the previous ones and the good news is that there is one more chapter to come!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


50 Comments to Phantom Mansion – 7: The Violet Vault

  1. Reka says:

    Whee! Ghosts! :)

  2. SLK says:

    Has anyone been able to get “Plan Ahead”? I feel like I’ve tried every way possible, I think my head’s going to explode.

  3. jackivee says:

    Any ideas about The Bomb?

  4. jackivee says:

    Nevermind…got it.

  5. jackivee says:

    Follow My Leade, anyone?

  6. jackivee says:

    Nevermind, got it…I never believed in the power of posting before. That was the toughest level, so far.

  7. Sherman81 says:

    I’m trying to figure out Ghostal(only the key part and where to put the crates, i’ve managed to get it down to one crate) and Plan Ahead(i’ve gotten it down to everything but i’m trying to figure out how to get the last soul). The rest of them i have gone ahead and done, those are the only 2 left to do.

  8. Sherman81 says:

    Ghost to Ghost and The Cross was tricky, but i solved it. Also if done right, on Ghost in the Machine, you see that switch at the bottom left of the screen. Its not needed to complete the level.

  9. Jan says:

    I’m quite stuck on Ghost in the machine, the 2nd last level. Could anyone give me a hint?

    Here is what I’ve done so far:

  10. Jan says:

    Sorry, I made some typos up there, here to clarify:
    …I got the box ONTO the platform…
    …that room into the VOID and after that…

  11. Pa says:

    I did have troubles too!!! But I enjoyed the game so far it has been the easiest of the series!!!!

  12. Sherman81 says:

    on Ghost in the machine, you don’t really need the ghost in the right area, once you have the switch pressed at the top left via the ghost, take the 3 boxes and pushed them into the blank area right below the exit, once you’ve done that and have opened the circle door, the area where the 2 skeltons are at, avoide the skeletons and get the souls and the triangle key at the bottom. Now push the crate down the bottom and take it with you and push it to the left so that the grate can get pushed upward so you can get the next to the last soul. Now use the triangle key and go up all the way, step all the way to the left, then step to the right and take the exit. if done right, you don’t really need the very last switch thats at the very bottom left. let me know if you solve Ghost to Ghost and Plan Ahead.

  13. Jan says:

    Thnx for the help guys! But I allready beat it now. BTW, I didn’t have to use the cross key or the switch on the bottum left. I do wonder how you’re supposed to complete it when you DO use them.


    I cleared all levels now, the last one is really easy if you ask me.

    Plan ahead:

  14. Sherman81 says:

    You know the puzzle that has a circle key door that you don’t really have to use, and if you do you get chased by 3 ghosts. they should had added a soul or 2 to give you a reason for going into that area, or else its pointless.

  15. Sherman81 says:

    thanks for your help on Plan Ahead. after i shutdown my computer i started thinking about how to beat Plan Ahead, and then i see where i kept going wrong.

  16. Sherman81 says:

    Can someone do me a big favor. I have complete all doors, but the thing like frozed up on me or something, so i thought refreshing my window would help, so when i got back on it, all the doors turned back to skulls even though they were checks.

    Jan, can you do this for me since you already finished the game. and i hope you don’t have to do all the doors over again to show me. about all i’m interested in is seeing what the Shrine looks like, so i don’t have to do all the doors over again, becuase thats a waste of my time. i’ve already did all the puzzles by the 2 i had trouble with twice, and on the second one is when i beat the game, and i don’t want to have to go through it a 3rd time.

    If its too large, just send me enough so that i know what it looks like, that or use Paint to put the entire thing together, and then show it to me all at once. If you use MWSnap3, Paint, and Photobucket, it should be easy.

  17. Jan says:

    I had this problem too, this problem is that you probably loaded the game to fast. What you need to do is load the game again and wait until you get the screen you allways get at the start explaining the basic game, with the boxes, switches and zombies and stuff. There you should NOT click continue but just wait a minute or 2, this will give the server some time to upload your progress et voila! all doors open!

  18. Sherman81 says:

    That didn’t work, so i was forced to do it all over again. as small as the area was, a picture could had done. Anyway, this time i was able to finish the last door, then one with the mask.

  19. Emma says:

    how do u do remote control im stuck lol x x

  20. Reka says:

    The game keeps losing my progress if I exit and come back to it. None of the previous episodes had this problem. Is it something to do with their new advertisement engine?

  21. Reka says:

    Answering myself, yes, it does seem to have to do with the “Gamejacket” ad engine, although they haven’t actually come out and said that. Gimme5Games has a page with instructions for getting your saved game back:
    It wasn’t entirely accurate for me, which I guess is because I’m playing here, not via gimme5games, but I was able to use this general principle to find where my almost-finished game was hiding. (Search the randomly-named folder they describe in that page for “violet”, it should get you what you want.)

  22. ek says:

    any ideas for ghost in the machine, tried everything

  23. Tirex says:

    please, help me for spirit guide

  24. Mike says:

    I’m totally stuck on bomb

  25. andy says:

    i need help with ghost in a machine as anyone beat it and can tell me how

  26. Tirex says:

    i need help for ghost to ghost

  27. Reka says:

    Tirex, I finally just got Ghost to Ghost (only to join the ranks of those who are completely stuck on Ghost in the Machine).

  28. Jan says:

    Ghost in the machine:

  29. Osandee says:

    I stuck on “The Bomb”. How are you suppose to manipulate the boxes or the ghost to get to Hector to the switch. Can someone please help me out?

  30. Reka says:

    Gah. Looks like they got rid of the gamejacket ad engine, which is good, but thereby lost your saved game again, which is bad, but you can rescue your saved game by moving the .sol file, which is… not good, per se, because it’s a pain in the a**, but at least I didn’t have to repeat Ghost to Ghost. Which is good.

    Savvy? :)

  31. Irid says:

    How do you solve ‘Remote control’?

  32. Irid says:

    See, I *knew* that as soon as I posted that, I was gonna find the answer… :P

  33. Sine says:

    Really stuck on the bomb – can anyone please help!!!???

  34. Danielle says:

    someone help i can’t get the remote control or the follow my lead?

  35. an says:

    I was stuck on the bomb too.


  36. an says:

    Remote control


  37. Beer says:

    More Ghost in the machine:


    Have fun. I just played it all in a few hours!!

  38. Sara says:

    Ghostal anyone? Need help with the boxes to get to the exit!

  39. Danielle says:

    I’m Stuck on the bomb ? help please

  40. Danielle says:

    ok i got the bomb but im still stuck on follow my lead?

  41. an says:

    I’m still stuck on plan ahead, even with the walkthrough I can’t figure it out!

  42. an says:

    never mind got it

  43. Ritchie says:

    I need help on Take me to ur leader..

  44. Ritchie says:

    I MEAN follow my leader..Ive got all skulls but cant get to the door..

  45. ceres says:

    i need help in spirit guide?anyone help pls?

  46. ceres says:

    got it.never mind

  47. Pauline says:

    can anyone help, just cant get past the cross can anyone help.

  48. carrich says:

    Just finished Ghostal — You have to get 2 boxes through the door below the exit door. all the rest will be shoved across the top. when you bring out the boxes from the top don’t shove them all the way against the bottom rail, just out the door and exit another door to shove them to the exit door. hope this helps

  49. Cary says:

    Stuck on the bomb

  50. mary says:

    hello everyone i want to know what is the solution to overcome te ninth gate of phantom mansion 7???help me