Escape from rooftop where “Sakura” flutters

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Escape from rooftop where Escape from rooftop where “Sakura” flutters is a Japanese Room Escape game (“in English”) created by the author of Heart Escape, aka The Escape from the Room which is Heart. You are standing on a roof, and there is no obvious way to get down from it. I love the name of this game! Have fun!

By Eric

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48 Comments to Escape from rooftop where “Sakura” flutters

  1. Palometea says:

    boring, aburridoooooo!!!!

  2. ca says:

    what is the password?

  3. tusa says:

    no idea.
    where’s the telephone? key to the other door? letter for the circle?

  4. tusa says:

    What do we do with the petal?

  5. ca says:


    what is the thing in the bag?

  6. tusa says:

    in the bag Show

    the petal Show

  7. ca says:

    thanks. did you notice the hole in the wall?

  8. tusa says:

    Okay I am totally stuck.
    I haveShow

    Help! Anyone?!?

  9. tusa says:

    The hole in the wall Show

  10. Rock says:

    How do i put the Show

    in the wall?

  11. tusa says:

    Do you have both pieces of the crank?

  12. Rock says:

    Where are the Show

  13. AgiHammerklau says:

    …and out !


  14. tusa says:

    Okay, its note a computer but a cell phone. It helps when you read the words at the bottom of the screen. lol :)

  15. Rock says:

    I have Show

  16. tusa says:


  17. tusa says:

    to put them together. I think you Show

  18. tusa says:

    Thanks Agi, but how does the new book help?

  19. Rock says:

    Thanks… I had tried that before. but it decided to work this time. lol… now for the Show

  20. AgiHammerklau says:

    For the cord Show


  21. tusa says:

    Cord – Show

  22. Rock says:

    Thanks for info on the cord… but how does the book help? lol

  23. tusa says:

    books –

  24. Rock says:

    Are there more then one endings. I got out safely but they were mad at me. lol

  25. Rock says:



  26. AgiHammerklau says:

    Do you want to have a walkthrough ?
    The author requested not to post one, but I´m still waiting for Phantom Mansion 7 to come up.


  27. tusa says:

    how did you get out? I am stuck after opening the safe.

  28. tusa says:

    Thanks Rock!

  29. Merlina says:

    Is there more than one ending? I’m out but it says the guard was angry.

  30. bud says:

    I got the happy end!


  31. Vanni_Ogg says:

    please post a walkthrough! i’m not getting on well with this one. still missing something important

  32. Rock says:


    what does it say when you get the happy end? I did it again and got my bag but it they were still angry at me. Also, I got the petal the first time I played.. but I couldn’t remember how i did it. which petal do you get?

  33. bud says:

    I got the petal Show

    I also got the Show

    It just told me that I got the happy end.

  34. tihana says:

    where the frick is the cord

  35. Rock says:

    k got happy end.


  36. Rock says:

    tihana read post number 21

  37. tihana says:

    tnx but WHERE is it?

  38. Rock says:

    i’ll post a walkthrough but it might get removed….

















  39. ada says:

    tihana, on the top left corner of the bag

  40. TotalNoob says:

    Thanks Rock, I forgot about the


    But I still got the “angry guard” ending *shrug*

  41. Rock says:


    Did you Show

  42. TotalNoob says:

    Yup…it’s OK though, I’m strong, I can take it…sniff, sniff :)

  43. shaz says:

    im out not a bad game

  44. shaz says:

    ok where it say not to do a walk through cause thats 2 times in seperate games some one said that but i dont see any where mention not to post one.

  45. Laila says:

    Did you Show

  46. TotalNoob says:

    Yup, got that too. I’m going to give the game another try today to see if maybe I can keep that guard happy!

  47. Isa says:

    The game dosen’t open for me. The add-on icon appears at the bottom of the window. I’m I missing something? :?

  48. god says:

    i followed rocks walkthrough and still get an angry guard!