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E-ScapeE-ScapeE-Scape is a Room Escape game developed by Dom Chapman, the author of DIY Escape, Locked In, Stuck Inside, the Trapped series and the Puzzled series.

“Use your logic to escape from the chair you are locked to” (you don’t deserve to be treated like this!).

Search for clues and items and don’t forget to press the spacebar if you want to put an item away!

Have fun!

Update: E-Scape walkthrough in comments #56 and #57 (thanks jackivee!)

By Eric

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149 Comments to E-Scape

  1. Sandra says:

    I always get Code A after the game and don’t know what to do with it :-(

  2. Vavavoom says:

    I did it finally. See below…


  3. London says:

    Man was this game every annoying…


  4. FD says:

    Usually in these games you get, like, clues and stuff. Not here. This “game” should be removed from the historical record.

  5. marjo says:

    bit hard but got it after a long time…

  6. jackivee says:













    You are OUT!

  7. jackivee says:

    SORRY…You get Show

    This game was so frustrating I was just anxious to get out and post a walkthrough because everyone else was just as frustrated!!

  8. jackivee says:

    Also just figured out the code doesn’t necessarily have a letter in it…

  9. kourt says:

    in fact to get the third digit :

  10. J says:

    Neither the username nor the password are case-sensitive. The correct ones are the same as everyone was trying yesterday; they didn’t work because there was an error in the game, which they’ve now apparently fixed.

    It’s still buggy, though: if you choose “play again” after getting out, it forgets to re-lock your legs, so you can get right back out by clicking the doorknob. And then there’s the miraculous ink cartridge: you put it in the empty slot in the printer, and yet you can still pick it up in your inventory and wave it around.

    The order of digits/characters for the safe is Show

    The specifics change each time.

  11. Azura says:

    I got into the computer but when i win the game all it says is code: 6

  12. Azura says:

    i’m out!!!!!! Walkthrough: Show

  13. yaya says:


  14. Dazzler says:

    oh my gosh that was very frustrating……you need the codes to unlock the safe…..

    get the code from playing the game on the computer, then get the code from the print error, then you have to log out again thn log in using any random password and a piece of paper appaers infront of the speaker, thats the 3rd digit…..there ya go

    im outty!!!

  15. Mallory says:

    HELP how do I get the screwdriver> the monitor or the tower and how do i get behind it??? argh!!!

  16. Mallory says:

    got it thanks

  17. DNOMN8R says:

    how do i get paper from speaker?

  18. Joe says:

    Thanks guys for all the hints

  19. jennifer says:

    ok here is the real code some of the hints did help and some did not… Show

  20. jack says:

    ok once you get the computer working play the game and the code you get is the first digit to put into the safe. the put the ink cartridge in to the printer and test print a page. the error code you get is the second digit to put in the safe. now i found a piece of paper like the one in the keyboard but i found this next to the speaker and its the last digit for the safe. but if you cant get it just guess untill you get the right digit for the safe. thats it

  21. jack says:

    the combination to the safe is different for everyone and everytime you play so you cant help each other with it in that respect.

  22. Cooldragon says:

    Woot! I got out! Here’s a quick walkthrough…


  23. ROLLINS says:


  24. Jay Kostin says:

    Here is the big part that almost everyone has left out! Show

  25. me says:

    where is the screwdriver?

  26. gay ;) says:

    lol i just did it in like 5 minutes…user = david, pass = gw5c3
    you need to get the screwdriver from behind the monitor, and the keys from the mouse
    the ink cartridge
    and then ul get a piece of paper that says 9
    then you use the code 923 to open the safe
    keys for your legs
    voila =]

  27. {.Salsa.} says:

    This version works FINE.

    Complete Walkthrough:

  28. Mattat says:

    I dont have the screwdriver i found the ink for the printer in the drawer not a screwdriver

  29. bob says:

    where do u find the screwdriver???

  30. mattman says:

    heyy pplz the code for the safe Show

  31. SilencedLife says:

    Done. First you Show

  32. will says:

    tht waz easy wif all ur help!! thanx ppl!

  33. 3aston says:

    wow that was easy…it literally took me 20 minutes!

  34. G Dubs says:

    I escaped! Below is the code for the safe. It will be different for some.Show

  35. meduh says:

    how do you get the computer to work?

  36. Earthfox says:

    haha, when you finish and play again, your legs aren’t even locked…

  37. escape game lovers says:

    Omg. This is how far I was able to get. Show

    After that I am totally stuck.

  38. WISEMAN says:

    i got it the password to the safe is a combination of 4.6. and 9

  39. Cheis says:

    Okay here it is! To get out… When you play the target game, it will give you a code after beating it. Look at the flash player thing the game is in. That’s a number for the safe. As is the error code on the printer. Combine those numbers and the safe opens revealing a yellow key. Use on the legs. You’re out now.

  40. Kylee says:

    AZURA thanks! I would have never gotten out if i had not know to type in the wrong password while the speaker was on… to get the little piece of paper. Finally…..

  41. Andre says:



  42. Kellyboo says:

    how do i turn the computer on? i don’t get it!

  43. guru brown says:

    i did it!!!!


  44. Cassidy says:


  45. MUBARAK says:

    HOW DO YOU TURN ON THE PC!?!?!?!?!

  46. PIMP of Escape says:

    Code for lock box is A16! You get a piece of paper with the A on it from the speaker by turning volume up on computer and playing shooting game.

  47. Jenn says:

    I beat it in 15 minutes. it was pretty simple

  48. Ashley says:

    Okay I think I made a bit of progress…

  49. PianoChick36 says:

    Okay, for me, I got the code from the K on the keyboard, then the password from the top of computer. I got it as david and gw5c3, then I played this target game and got a message saying CODE: 8…now I’m stuck…

  50. Ryan says:

    User David (have to be caps)
    Pass gw5c3