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E-ScapeE-ScapeE-Scape is a Room Escape game developed by Dom Chapman, the author of DIY Escape, Locked In, Stuck Inside, the Trapped series and the Puzzled series.

“Use your logic to escape from the chair you are locked to” (you don’t deserve to be treated like this!).

Search for clues and items and don’t forget to press the spacebar if you want to put an item away!

Have fun!

Update: E-Scape walkthrough in comments #56 and #57 (thanks jackivee!)

By Eric

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  1. Axeile says:



    • Iamme says:

      You have NO idea how much this helped me! Thank you so much! I tried playing this game awhile back &Icouldn’t figure it out, but finally Igot it. Thanks again!

  2. michael says:

    the user name is all caps DAVID and it works

  3. Livvy says:

    idk what it means, but its farther in.

  4. Ebey says:

    for the people who can’t log onto the puter it does work. use DAVID. all caps as ur user name and thne the password u found under the key

  5. sabrian says:


  6. bob says:


  7. Kyle M says:

    the username on the computer is David but you have to capitalise the D

    and the password is Show

  8. angelica says:

    walk through

  9. liv says:

    woot! im done!

  10. Kalli says:

    the user is Show

    thatz all i got so far/

  11. MOOOSE says:

    where is the ink thingy for the computer??? T_T

  12. winner4lyfe says:

    username is Show

  13. Hillsongxluvrx94 says:

    i got out! did u kno if u play the bored.com version, you can only play it once? if you hit play again, your legs are free from the start :)
    MOOOSE, this is where the ink thingy is:

  14. senorking says:

    Okay I’ll tell you how to beat it.


    Your free

  15. lanaiboi says:

    yeahhh…ummm i got the fricken ink cartridge instead of the screwdriver…wtf

  16. Willmuck93 says:



    E-scape Escaped!
    phew…. only in 19 steps lol

  17. Joe says:

    Thank God Im Out at last
    Hard Game But Gd

  18. Blue says:

    user name David and you can fid the Pass under the “K” in keybord then the code is 6a6 on the blue safe

    • Iamme says:

      I tried 6a6 &it didn’t workkk..D:. The furthest I have ever gotten in the game is playing the target thing o n the computer, turning the sound on, getting the ink in the printer& thats about it..How do i beat the thing? I’m soo lostttt.. wanna help?:D.

  19. Helper says:

    read comment 101 its correct

  20. ZeroGravity says:

    OOOO i found a green key ;o
    its under the mouse
    u jus hav to click on the tiny writing and it should take
    u to the bottom of mouse then click green part

  21. bob fredfredburger says:

    you know the david thing, i tried with a capital D and it worked

  22. bob fredfredburger says:

    I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just clicked randomly on the safe :P

  23. tyler says:

    the password for the Show

  24. Mahfuj says:

    how do you beat this please help… edit:****

  25. whatchamacallit says:

    okay walkthrough

  26. Liongoth says:

    I noticed something strange, I believe the code changes for the box each time played, or with different versions of the same game, or something Show

  27. guilherme says:


  28. Malika says:

    dude u guys here is the pass and the username

  29. Jon James says:


  30. Misty says:

    Use the screwdriver to open the top of the computer, then you can fix and turn on the computer. Use the screwdriver on the K on the keyboard to get a scrap of paper. David is the user name, gw5c3 is the password… be sure to click the Log In button with your mouse to get the Log In to work.

  31. Colton says:

    I have Done IT!!!

    Ok, here is the complete walkthrough

  32. Ok here is what i have so far.

    That is as far as i’ve gotten so far. I’ll post if i figure out the rest of the game.

  33. larrybob11 says:

    how do you get the screwdriver?

  34. larrybob11 says:

    where do you get the screwdriver?

  35. larrybob11 says:

    jackavee is right. I followed his instructions and it worked fine

  36. someone says:

    i got it… Show

  37. ilovegames says:

    I BEAT IT :P

  38. lalaland says:

    i got the safe code: A26
    thanks ya’ll

  39. dattebayo says:

    people who are going ‘try every combination’ thing after getting the error code from the comp and the error code from the printer – there’s another error code from the speakers

    so don’t waste your time trying every combination!!!!!!!!!

  40. ConverseChick says:

    Hey Guys…
    I Dont Mean To Bother You Or Anything Its Just…Could You Tell Me Where You Get The Screw Driver…Please…Thankyou

  41. HOT TIPP! says:

    If you don´t want to guess the 3rd number of the safe look at Show

  42. Manatron says:

    Safe Code : Show

    It may be different for every game you play.

  43. Frank says:

    the safe code is 867

  44. ChickyCupcake says:

    Why is this so hard? sorry to bother but i cannot get to fix the comp, i’ve tried everything!! Any idea’s??

  45. Victoria says:

    The code to unlock the safe is 497. I just did all the combos xD.

    I have no clue where to find the note on the speaker so I just tried every combo, reverse psychology someone said not to. LOL