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ConcertalinoConcertalinoConcertalino is a Room Escape game developped by Andrey Anisimov from Russia.

You find yourself trapped in a room: the door is locked and the window is locked.

There is a nice piano, but you can’t play with it, because its keyboard is also locked!

It won’t be easy to escape from this room!

Have fun!

Concertalino walkthrough (thanks to Reka and
“to everyone who helped work out the puzzles!”)

By Eric

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219 Comments to Concertalino

  1. Finland says:

    i hate this game SOOO much! The guy in my painting is Mozart (nobody else hasn’t had him??), but because i dont understand music/notes at all, that’s it?? -.- i have fallen in love with escape games but this one… Aaaargh! stupid stupid stupid

  2. -A- says:

    Where do i find the bow? i’m a bit confused..

  3. Dan!!! says:


  4. Jackattack says:

    this is the hardest thing i’ve ever done. hate the safe in the closet. damn it to hell.

  5. Venna says:

    Piana/ Code for the Safe:

  6. Ana says:

    Finally I made it! The last piano part was like hell! I needed to put tiny pieces of post-it paper on the screen with the notes on top of the piano keys to finally get the last key! It was hard, but worth it!

  7. God says:

    Okay.. You guys are like good at this whole click and thing game.. but I am not.
    So, I am stuck at the part with sharpening the scissors.
    How do I do that??

  8. i need some help says:

    Uh.. yea.. I don’t get the whole interval code thing… my notes are..


    so.. uh.yea.. somebody want to give me the interval code thing? or help me? I thought I had it right with the code 53337.. but the safe won’t open so yea.. HELP! please..

  9. CMSS says:

    In German the use H for B.

  10. ~MommaPyro~ says:

    I had Tchaikovsky as a musician painting and the code I had for the closet was timpani which took me forever to get! all in all it was a good game but seeing as I’m not much of a musician (I can play the piano but i only memorize the keys others play I can’t read sheet music) it was a pretty tough game…I’m not gonna play it again though!

  11. jennifer says:

    anyone still playing???? i need some help in the second safe???? i cannot find the name of any instrument, what ami doing wrong???

  12. Jessica says:

    ive done everything to figure out the number code… i mean everything ive looked through all of the comments to try and have a better explination of how to figure out the code from the piano… ive got my stupid red question marks and i cant figure it out… can someone else? i have HDCGHC… the second C is the 8th note it starts with one C and ends with another C soooo help… please… someone… anyone

  13. Jessica says:

    nevermind reka is awesome

  14. Jay says:

    This has got to be one of the hardest PnC games I’ve ever come across. And I’ve been playing the piano for 22 years!

  15. Marthussia from Poland says:

    WOW!!!!!!I’m finally out.

  16. christina says:

    In responce to Alexa Karuda u say that the question marks may reveal the steps in between each note that would reveal a 5 digit # but you dont know where to use it get the piece of carpet fill it with water and clean the painting in the room of the clock it takes a while its easier just to keep holding it and rubbing it across the painting anyways then figure out what composer or musician it is on the painting by using the dates in google its easy to find… then sharpen your sissors and cut he painting and it will have a imput box put in the name that you got and when that works then it will open to a safe the safe requires a 5 digit code problem is i know the notes to the song by playing with the record then looked them up to figure out what they were EBAEAG but then i dont know how to figure out steps yet

  17. fake7 says:


  18. Suzi says:

    I shook books for more than 35 minutes, and never got a “note” to fall. grrr.

  19. Gigo says:

    lol what a game!!! It was sooo good!!! TNX creator!!!