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RingShotRingShotRingShot is the first Flash game created by TechnoMomo. RingShot is a skill game between marble and curling. Your goal here is to active different colored rings on the grid with matching colored orbs.

To do so, select the color of your orb in the color panel. Click your orb, hold down your mouse button and drag your pointer to aim and set power. Release to fire your orb towards its target.

RingShot is a fun game to play once you get used to the control of the orbs. The difficulty ramps slowly at first, but later levels become much more challenging. A good soundtrack and an option to save your progress would have made RingShot even better.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


One Comment to RingShot

  1. Kitti says:

    This game is kind of difficult. It takes some getting used to.