Shuffle Snake Bites

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Shuffle Snake BitesShuffle Snake BitesShuffle Snake Bites aka Chap Hai Snake Bites is another skill game between marble and pool created by Wildsnake Software (Shuffle, Blocky series, The Domino Knight).

Your goal here is to shoot all yellow marbles off the board with your red marble.

To spice things up, each level is timed and higher levels include more and more obstacles and make hitting the yellow balls difficult.

Shuffle Snake Bites is a challenging game: it offers over 80 levels to play, and will provide hours of entertainment for all marble/pool fans!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.50


One Comment to Shuffle Snake Bites

  1. Markus Ohrn says:

    There is also a version of this game called Big Diamond with different theme and levels made in cooperation with Wildsnake and Mygame.

    Edit: you can also play Chap Hai Way of the Dragon, which is the original version of Big Diamond.