The Escape Game of Bird’s-Eye View

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The Escape Game of Bird’s-eye viewThe Escape Game of Bird’s-eye viewThe Escape Game of Bird’s-Eye View is a new Japanese Room Escape game created by Ayano Yamamoto.

You find yourself trapped in a small condo and, guess what, the door is locked! The game features a superb condo floor plan that you can examine by zooming in and out in a very easy and intuitive way!

The Escape Game of Bird’s-Eye View looks very original. There is almost no language in this game, so there is no language barrier.

Have fun!

Update: The Escape Game of Bird’s-Eye View walkthrough in comment #213 (thanks J!)

By Eric

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268 Comments to The Escape Game of Bird’s-Eye View

  1. Crystalgirl says:

    How do you get the card off of the window?!?!?!?! It is totally annoying!!!!!!!

  2. Lolmaster says:

    Yea, there’s a glitch for the knob.


  3. cris says:

    how to throw the coin on bed

  4. Lelaa says:

    I’m getting frustrated!! =( ooohh.. I hate this game! I’ve done everything and I’ve got the knob (after hours of “hard work”) but now I’m stuck on the whole “use the ladder on knob”- thing!! I can’t use my ladder because I’ve already used it to get the key. Now it’s grey and I can’t do anything with it :s not even use ‘About Item’ on it! =( I’ve also searched the flat in case of a ladder number 2, but I found NADA! Nothing at all :( Can anyone help me? I’m really getting pissed off at this game!

  5. SD says:

    The rope ladder is in the drawer at the end of the bed.

  6. ..... says:

    I have find out how to get the key on the bookshelf!!

    You need the ladder behind the mirror ( the code for it: 35672 ) . Use the code on the keypad in the kitchen.
    Also find the spoon?
    Put the ladder in front of the bookshelf, then use the spoon to get the key.

    TADA! ;)

  7. nathan says:

    plz some one help me get the key off the book shelf

  8. nathan says:

    how do u bounce the coin off the bed
    plz help!!!!!!!

  9. Josh says:

    login 2 opens the trap door
    its 36018

  10. Josh says:

    im out!!

  11. NamonakiRei says:

    well, that was fun.
    Thanks for the walkthrough everyone!!!!!!
    For the freaky knob thingy, I had to

    Thanks again!
    Bye !

  12. NamonakiRei says:

    Oh! Today repeating knob thing, I realized

    Hope useful, to help solve the knob-pattern enigma.

  13. brandi says:

    guys type Show

    will open!!!

  14. loesie says:

    what is login 1? i can’t get it!:'(

  15. ay says:

    Just make sure uv messed everything up at least once taps n plug n everything

  16. kongo says:

    login 1 = Show