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FollisFollisFollis is a little physics-based puzzle game, in which your goal is to collect all pink stars in any given level with the blue ball. Use your mouse to drag and drop the forms into position. Press ‘A’ while dragging a triangle to rotate it.

Follis is a fun game (though a bit buggy), but the 30 levels go by very quickly. If you enjoyed games like Launchball, PuzzPinball or Blueprint, then Follis could be a game for you!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.50


2 Comments to Follis

  1. El Jefe says:

    FIRST!! Amazing, simple and colorful shapes…totally addictive…2 thumbs up!!

  2. El Jefe says:

    Again, great game, just lost an hour and a half of a Monday!! Woohoo!! I’ve compiled a few tips.