The Scruffs – Flash Version

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Join the Scruffs on a fun journey of love and self-discovery as they work together to save their beloved home.

The Scruffs is a superb Hidden Object game created by Sweet Tooth Games and, good news, an interesting Flash version is now available (the previous Flash mini-game The Scruffs in which you had to find 20 hidden bones is not available anymore).

“The Scruffs have enlisted your help to save their beloved family home from being sold. Grandpa Scruff has come up with a solution – an elaborate scavenger hunt to recover valuable artifacts, he’s hidden around the house. But in a surprising twist, Grandpa Scruff also reveals that he’s been hiding something else – a shocking family secret. Help the Scruffs stave off this looming family crisis and uncover the secret that will change their lives forever.

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Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.67


19 Comments to The Scruffs – Flash Version

  1. victoria says:

    Ya :) New Game The Scruffs cute little famliy

  2. vee dubbs says:


  3. marina says:

    hey i need help i hate hidden objest games…

    but hey this game is cute!!! :]

  4. Keli87 says:

    i loved it, the dads voice was rather sexy!! :P Cute, easy game

  5. Jules says:

    Nice and fun, but, as with most games that expect to be sold… too short =(

  6. Wendz says:

    Yeah i agree way too short
    If you wanna make a good game at least make it long enough to enjoy

  7. jono says:

    ok well. ive found all the gems except the topaz. I’ve looked on the rocking horse, in the shelves, in the painting. I cant find it. maybe its a glitch.

    Ive uploaded the image check it out

  8. Gabrielle says:

    I’m looking for the clovers. I found 2 of them, but now I need to find the last one and I already used my hints.

  9. Pilvi says:

    I haven’t find the topaz eather. Not those places where it normally is. :( i have tried to find it for hours. I just can’t find it!

  10. Diana Ruiloba says:


    I ended the scruffs in 12 hours!!! it´s the best game i´ve played!! I read about the topaz i found it in the attic in the midle of the paint in the center of the room in the yellow part. it is yellow!!! Then you have to play another memory game with the gems to open the door and get to the treasure the amount is 1.000.000 and that´s it the end!! finally the secret of the kids is a cat that they have in their treehouse!! It´s great! I realy thanks the creators for this game is really good!!

  11. cass says:

    this game is awesome!!

  12. Matilda says:

    Where is the ruler in the kitchen on the first chapter??? Totally tearing my hair out…. AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! lol x

  13. men says:

    i play all stages but i cant understand how i apply sequence?

  14. abbie says:

    Hi,the second chapter is very hard (the boy’s bedroom).
    Plz help me im stuck looking 4 the battery, razer and the wolf…….Thankz

  15. moll says:

    where is the cherub in the kitchen i ve been lookin for ages lol

  16. titi says:

    were is the CLOVER!!!!!!!!!! im going to rip my eyeballz out lol x

  17. titi says:

    v.v i give up

  18. YOANA says:

    i cant open the door with the jules…i just cant find the answer.PLS HELP!!!!!

  19. sidra says:

    wat should be the sequence for the gems after final chapter in scruffs to open da door