Sleeping Princess

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Sleeping PrincessHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game, Sleeping Princess! After fighting with a dragon last week in Escape Game of RPG, it’s time for another journey! Sleeping Princess is a pretty straightforward and easy game, and the prince and the princess are both so cute! Have fun!

Update: Sleeping Princess walkthroughs in comments #24 and #25 (thanks shaz and Snowman!)

By Eric

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42 Comments to Sleeping Princess

  1. Alex says:

    I’ve got 4 fairys and a broken key and can’t reach the fairy on the cloud………….

  2. ped210 says:

    hey im first if anyone has a walkthrough plz post it

  3. London says:

    No need for walkthrough…piece of cake.

  4. shaz says:

    has 2 so far and key,i found u need to use the dwarf to fine other dwarf view close up the dwarfs to see what they are good at then use them

  5. otacsaf says:

    I can’t get the Show

  6. Alex says:

    for the one on the lake use the one who swin………..

  7. shaz says:

    the blacksmith fairy repairs the key

  8. otacsaf says:

    I’m guessing the one who can swim is the one on the cloud. I am using the fairy of flight to get that one but it won’t come down. I’m doing something wrong.

  9. Alex says:

    where’s the blacksmith fairy?

  10. jasmine says:

    use the fairy of flight to get the one over the cliff

  11. shaz says:

    im out that was soooooo cute

  12. ped210 says:

    alex plz post how you got the 4 fairies you have

  13. otacsaf says:

    I already had the one over the cliff… somehow. So the Show

  14. shaz says:

    alex u need the theft fairy to use on the chest to get the blacksmith fairy

  15. Alex says:

    nm find it!

  16. ped210 says:

    shaz how do you get blacksmith fairy?

  17. jasmine says:

    im out

  18. ped210 says:

    and how about how do you get the theft fairy?

  19. Alex says:

    ped check in the stone and in the tree!

  20. Alex says:

    thanks shaz

  21. ped210 says:

    i really need a walkthrough

  22. otacsaf says:

    how in the world do I solve those Submachine games (which are the best, btw) in a flash but when it comes to this simple stuff I am stuck from the very beginning. Still can’t get those stupid fairies. :)

  23. Snowman says:

    Part One

    Part Two


  24. shaz says:

    walkthrough for peeps getting stuck


  25. ped210 says:

    i have i need to know where the theft fairy is and where to use the edacious fairy

  26. Alex says:

    And the ring?

  27. otacsaf says:

    BREAKTHROUGH! Thanks Alex for the tip about the big rock! I got out!

  28. Snowman says:


  29. otacsaf says:

    Us the Edacious fairy on the Show

  30. ped210 says:

    thx all i needed was a few hints thx everone!

  31. Snowman says:

    Good job shaz, found the Show

    three minutes after posting my walkthrough. Good job, got it two minutes before me.

  32. Snowman says:

    So my full walkthrough is in comments 24 Edit:and 29. shaz got it in 25. Both are complete. :-)

  33. shaz says:

    ty snowman u did good job too ;-)

  34. Snowman says:

    Thanks! :)

  35. mocha says:

    that was cute and easy :P

  36. Mokokauwae says:

    so simple didnt need any walkthrough yay!!!!

  37. fay says:

    that was the easiest escape game ive ever played!!!!!!!! : )

  38. dylan says:

    Part One

    Part Two


  39. Susan says:

    Easy escape game…nice for a change!

  40. LightBulb says:

    dylan, that is Snowman’s walkthrough.