Bow Street Runner

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Bow Street RunnerBow Street RunnerBow Street Runner is a new game designed by LittleLoud for Channel 4, which leads the player into the murky world of Georgian London to solve mysterious crimes.

Bow Street Runner is set in London’s Covent Garden in the 1750s, and depicts a time when crime and vice in the city had hit such levels that the locals magistrates began to introduce the first instances of physical policing of law and order.

Each episode (5 in total) of the game will lead the player to explore different crime scenes, collecting evidence, solving puzzles, interviewing characters and presenting the case to the magistrate for judgement. Will Fielding’s fledgling police force gain the public’s trust through successful convictions of hardened criminals? Only if the player, as Fielding’s key Runner, can prove who did it…

Bow Street Runner is based on the Channel 4 five-part series City of Vice.

Bow Street Runner is designed to be historically accurate, and therefore the game’s content and its setting may not be suitable for younger players!

Have fun!

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  1. ghostmaiden says:

    How do you Show

  2. Ohruuda says:

    evidence in Eps 2


  3. masooma says:

    im on level 5 nw…
    its really hard…
    i cant gt off the first scene…
    gd luck all of u…
    btw: when it sayd harsh or kind always choose the harsher one…

    believe it frm someone tht has played the game a lot…

  4. Alessandro says:

    Hi there!
    I’ve completed the first episode,but the episode 2 doesn’t start…what’s the problem?!?
    Please help me,