The Never Ending Level Game

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neverendinglevelgame-50.jpgThe Never Ending Level GameDid you enjoy The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2? If so, I would recommend you give a try to the Never Ending Level Game.

This is a weird and challenging puzzle game in which you use clues provided on the screen to proceed to the next level.

According to the author Clarence Ball, “if you beat all the levels you win and get your name on a high scores list. This game does start off easy to lure in the unsuspecting, but it gets very hard.”

There are now 250 300 levels you must complete to beat the game!

That’s probably why the game is called the Never Ending Level Game!

Have fun!

02-01-2010 Update: NOW WITH 300 LEVELS!

By Eric

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2,472 Comments to The Never Ending Level Game

  1. Vincent says:

    Tis fat dude 0703
    ANSWER TO 259




  2. Vincent says:

    Did I say 259?
    I ment 260. sorry…

  3. Vincent says:

    If you are playing at blogspot, there is an error there
    Why won’t you play at

  4. Vincent says:

    Help me in level 262*

  5. Vincent says:

    The password is NOT!
    You need to GO to!

  6. Vincent says:

    download the game
    i have that game in my webpage/site

  7. Vincent says:

    who know the password for

  8. Vincent says:


  9. shanel says:

    what is the answer to level 64

  10. Vincent says:

    The password is:
    aaaaaaa… (There are one thousand a’s)

  11. Player says:

    Can anyone tell me the true password for 227. I give upI can just paint right side to blue. I know the password is hidden, but I can not pass this level.

  12. Baldman says:

    Could someone help me with Level 261? I’ve got a “Pass”, but I’m not sure if this is a true password and where and how to post it, because password box has a limitation and won’t allow me to do that. Thanks in future for any help

    • Black4blue says:

      I am also at the level 261. (Well I had to jump from 179 to 258.5) Yes it only allows two characters to be typed. How many possibilities can there be? Omg, 26 small letters, 26 capital letters, numbers and punctions… at least 90×90=1800 possibilities… Damn!

  13. TisfatDude0703 says:

    Lol, came back from a year ago. Anyways, I quit this game, I don’t think it’s fun anymore, honestly I think this game is bad. All you do is type the password that barely gives clues about, and throughout the whole game, it’s impossible. Please stop wasting your time playing this game.

  14. Player says:

    Can anyone teach me how to do level 229 6th step? I put s*a*r*, then all GOs bleached? What should I do next?

  15. Player says:

    Vicent,can you leave your facebook website? So I can add you to ask you questions about the never ending level game conveniently.Thanks for your help with level227,but I have done that level before you told me the password.Anyway,thanks for your help.
    Sorry for my broken English.I’m not good at English.

  16. Player says:

    Vincent,or you can leave your email address.I can send you emails to ask questions.

  17. Player says:

    What should I do at level 227 7th password box?

  18. Anna says:

    um, level 33 plz??????? honestly, i have ABSOTIVELY no idea! lol, i said absotively. ya… im 11.

  19. Player says:

    You can watch this:

    Now I am very too stuck at level235. Any hints ?

  20. Vincent says:

    The password for level 229 in H1DD3N, type it in the red password box.

    • Vincent says:

      Oops, sorry. the answer to level 235 is

  21. Player says:

    Vincent,On level 261 I typed the e-mail and appeared Pass=Filler Level. What is that mean?

  22. Player says:

    I have already found {Space, Escape, Tab, Home, Tab, Insert, Escape, Backspace, Enter, Page Down, Left, Left} by printscreen.
    But I don’t know what to do with that.
    I have pressed them much times,but nothing happened.

  23. Player says:

    Sorry.Because I click outside the screen,I can’t pass the level.
    Now I’m at level 236.Any hints?

  24. Player says:

    Level 237 now.

  25. Player says:

    238 now.

  26. Player says:

    239 help!!

  27. TayTay says:

    I am stuck on level 169, help?