TNT Runner

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TNT RunnerTNT RunnerTNT Runner is a puzzle game by The goal of the game is to get your little guy to the square that contains the circle on it. The board is full of squares and some of those squares contain TNT. The user has to move their person to the exit one square at a time. Each time the player moves their characters the timers on the TNT count down. The TNT has a blast radius and if your little person is caught in the blast radius he will die and you will have to redo the level.

Players can move their mouse over the TNT to determine the blast radius. Each set of TNT has a different blast radius and some have different timers and others have the same amount of time on their timers. Players have to find their way around the blast areas to the exit without dying. The higher levels have cracks in the floors and when the TNT explodes the cracks in the floor become holes in the floor that prevent you from going in that direction. The cracks in the floor make the higher levels much more challenging because players need to move their guy past the cracks before they fall, as well as, avoiding TNT blast radius. If you can not pass the cracks before they fall, it becomes impossible to make it to the exit. On levels that contain the cracks it takes extra planning and strategy to make it to the exit.

The beginning levels start out fairly simple and I found myself saying what is so hard about this puzzle game, but then I found out what was so hard. Around level 10 or so, the levels get more challenging and more interesting. Stick with the game until that point if you are also thinking it is too easy.

The one issue I found with TNT Runner was the controls. Controlling the character with your mouse is simple and works like it should, but controlling the character with the keyboard is a different story. I got extremely frustrated with the keyboard controls because they were not intuitive to me. I would hit the down keyboard arrow and the character would go right and I would hit the left keyboard arrow and the character would go down. If the game allows you to use the keyboard arrows to control the character, then the character should move in the same direction of the keyboard arrow. As I said earlier, the mouse controls are fine and I ended up using the mouse and had no issues.

TNT Runner is a really fun puzzle game that requires some strategic thinking to be able to complete some levels. TNT Runner gets addicting and is definitely worth playing.

Have fun!

By Jennifer

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4 Comments to TNT Runner

  1. Rae says:

    level 10 you say? It got hard for me on level 4! Nice game though (1st yes!!)

  2. Tzambissamo says:

    Like the game but don’t agree with having lives. Just means when I die I have to re-run all the levels and it’s boooooring.

    Makes me not want to fiish the game :-(

  3. badboy says:

    i need help with level 16

  4. Eric says:

    @ Tzambissamo – Use the Free Play mode and write down the password/level code for each level. No need to re-run all the levels at all!