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Line GolferLine GolferLine Golfer is a golfing Flash game created by WDDG that plays just like it sounds. The golfer is a stick person and the golf courses are lines. The neat thing about Line Golfer is you can create your own courses and then share them with other players. Many people have already designed courses for the game, which is good because there is only one sample course available from the programmers of the game.

Line Golfer has a very simple concept: hit the golf ball into the hole. The problem is that it is not always easy to hit the ball into the hole. Many of the golf courses require players to hit the ball over big gaping holes or up stair case structures. Players aim the ball using the mouse. When you are ready to hit the ball, hold down the mouse button until the power lever gets to the desired place and then let go of the mouse button. The ball will be hit with as much power as the meter displayed. There is a science to getting the correct amount of power.

Each course has a certain number of hits that you are suppose to complete the course in, otherwise known as par. In other words, if a course is par 4, then you are supposed to complete the course in four hits. The level does not end if you do not get par. You can keep hitting the golf ball until you get the ball in the hole. Players get a “score card” at the end of each level. The score card lets you know how far over or under par you were. Players have an option to play the course again or move on to another course.

Line Golfer is a fun game to play depending on the course. Some of the courses that people make are really difficult to play and become frustrating fast. The courses that are not too crazy are fun to play. If you are into golf games or are looking for a fun game to past the time, check out Line Golfer.

Have fun!

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  1. reece says:

    first! everyone, search for my “escape” series on this!

  2. ratchetandclank529 says:

    2nd :P

  3. Boater says:

    This is a stupid game. No matter how how you make the trajectory, it still goes the same way. What a waste of time.