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JOBpicoJOBpicoWe are only one week into January and JOBpico, the latest installment in the never ending Room Escape series created by IDAC, is live!

Intro: “Do I have to accept the destiny of the masses? I decided to get into a new line of work because I wanted to day goodbye to my normal life. Tonight, this is the recruitment exam. To pass, I need to escape from this room. I hope I make it… Working for this company, making Internet escape games, is my dream. The recruitment staff said, “our aim is to see if you can resolve some puzzles and get out of difficult situations.” I guess they want employees who are problem-solvers, who can think on their feet.”

Here at FreeGamesNews, we are looking for a developer who would create a nice shooter for us. There is no interview, just a two week survival training trip in Greenland. If you survive, you get the job! Interested? Drop us an email ;-)

Have fun!

Update: please be patient while the game is loading…

Update: JOBpico walkthrough in comment #50 (thanks Kevn!)

By Eric

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  1. Ben says:


  2. Ben says:

    Oh, wow. IDAC is doing stuff for the DS, too. That makes a LOT of sense, really.

  3. Tima says:

    WoW! It’s good game. I finished it!!! :))))

  4. mammy says:

    I cant get Show

    I don’t know where to type in got job..Help?

  5. Tima says:

    Click on the Show

  6. Tima says:

    From the right Show

  7. Tima says:

    Go now Show

  8. Tima says:

    The propeller is needed for the helicopter. It is not going without it.

  9. Tima says:

    Lock up Show

  10. Tima says:

    Put the helicopter Show

  11. Irina_UA says:

    I know how to get the coin.

  12. Jo says:

    i can see just two numbers Show

  13. Jo says:

    you have to put that coin Show

  14. Jo says:


    is the password for Show

  15. Tima says:

    The other an other coin is needed for two numbers , but is behind that icicle. If you found it the other two numbers, you can open the yellow cupboard already then.

  16. Tima says:

    The (number)password changes in all games.

  17. Tima says:

    Use the key imprint and do a key. It will open the door.

  18. Jo says:

    how to make a key?

  19. Tima says:

    Longer the game, if you find the third coin and you throw it in into the game machine.
    May be playing a little escape game, but this does not influence the big game.

  20. Jo says:

    yes, i played that game

  21. Tima says:

    There is a small water in the better lower heel on the balcony. Place the red imprint upon it. Come in, wait for a small one. The icicle starts to thaw. Disable that thing then on the wall. Wait for a small one, the imprint will freeze next and you can take out the key.

  22. Tima says:

    Joe! Were you able to make the key according to these?

  23. NetMonster says:

    How do I call the helicopter?

  24. Jo says:

    thank you, tima.. i did it!

  25. Tima says:

    NetMonster! It is not necessary to call the helicopter!!!! It is necessary to find it and the propeller, it is necessary to assemble them then. The telephone is needed for him afterwards then.

    Joe! Congratulation! Have a nice day!

  26. Jo says:

    thanx, U 2..

  27. Tima says:

    Go to the blue box, click on the second then. Make the little game, click on the web page. You find a red question there, it is necessary to type it in. Step back from the box and click on top of him, the helicopter is there. Look up the propeller. Assemble them quickly next.

  28. Tima says:

    Jo! Thank you. In the game machine the little escapes game you made it? It’s funny….

  29. NetMonster says:

    Thanks. I remember I had tried Show

    , but it hadn’t worked for some reason…

  30. NetMonster says:

    I did what Irina_UA said, but still no coin…

  31. Jo says:

    yes, it is! :-)

  32. NetMonster says:

    It cut something, something fell, but the coin is still in the icicle.

  33. Tima says:

    NetMonster! Put the helicopter onto the symbol, assign the telephone next and click on the helicopter. (Put the memory card into the telephone into him.) The machine rises, make it move with the mouse to the coin then. The propeller cuts it off from the thread, the coin falls into the water. Use it afterwards the towel and you obtain the coin.

  34. Irina_UA says:

    Tima! Where is behind that icicle?

  35. Irina_UA says:

    Where is other coin?

  36. NetMonster says:

    Where do I use the towel?

  37. Irina_UA says:

    Somebody, please help me to find another coin to get two numbers more.

  38. Tima says:

    Irina! The big icicle is on the balcony. El is needed to melt and you obtain the other coin then. Is at the double door an remote control, lift it onto the maximum.

  39. Irina_UA says:

    Thank you, Tima! I didnt know the word icicle :D But now i do know! :)

  40. Tima says:

    He is Irina! Go back then onto the balcony and the you will see that the icicle starts coming apart. The coin will be on top of the lower ice. Put it into it the binocular. You will see an other picture and look up the two numbers there.

  41. Tima says:

    NedMonster! From the right the fourth is in a yellow cupboard a towel.

  42. NetMonster says:

    Yes, I have it, but where do I use it?

  43. Tima says:

    At the pool. Cut the coin off with the helicopter, it will fall into the pool. Approach onto the pool, then click the towel and next again into the pool, where the coin fell for it.

  44. NetMonster says:

    I’m trying, but I can’t find the spot. Where exactly on the pool?

  45. Tima says:

    what kind of spot you are looking for in the pool??

  46. Drikky says:

    Hi everyone :
    – For NetMonster : u have to go near the swimming pool, selected the tower in the list and click in the water. Then it will be quite in the middle of pool.

    Need help : where are the 2numbers on the 2nd picture (the one looking like a market..)


  47. Tima says:

    The fell you have to earn a coin in the pool. Not true, how you do not see it! But you cut it off from the thread? Did you let cold water into the pool?

  48. Kevn says:

    The spot is to the left of the pool, with the towl eqpt click on it. To get there head as if going back to the hele pad. After getting the coing there is the 2 numbers in the pic…im guessing there is supposed to be 4 but i cant find them…. Besides Drikky anyone else have any luck with this?

  49. Kevn says:

    Ok i completed it and i will post the walkthrough asap

  50. Kevn says:










    9. Show



    12. Show

    13. Show