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JOBpicoJOBpicoWe are only one week into January and JOBpico, the latest installment in the never ending Room Escape series created by IDAC, is live!

Intro: “Do I have to accept the destiny of the masses? I decided to get into a new line of work because I wanted to day goodbye to my normal life. Tonight, this is the recruitment exam. To pass, I need to escape from this room. I hope I make it… Working for this company, making Internet escape games, is my dream. The recruitment staff said, “our aim is to see if you can resolve some puzzles and get out of difficult situations.” I guess they want employees who are problem-solvers, who can think on their feet.”

Here at FreeGamesNews, we are looking for a developer who would create a nice shooter for us. There is no interview, just a two week survival training trip in Greenland. If you survive, you get the job! Interested? Drop us an email ;-)

Have fun!

Update: please be patient while the game is loading…

Update: JOBpico walkthrough in comment #50 (thanks Kevn!)

By Eric

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97 Comments to JOBpico

  1. moxDac says:

    hi where do i find the helicopter??? thanks

  2. Rockangel says:

    can someone please help me on the sliding games. I’m trying to get the helicopter. it’s soo hard

  3. Rockangel says:

    yh i did it i got the helicopter

  4. Candida says:

    Drikky – the 2 numbers on the second picture are at:


  5. fay says:

    how do you put the helicopter on H? Its not working for me!!!

  6. fay says:

    never mind- i had to charge it first

  7. Alexa Karuda says:

    I can’t get the key to freeze! I already lowered the temperature, and I’ve been walking around forever, but it’s still not working! Any ideas?

  8. Sara! says:

    For helicopter

    • CAsioanleo88 says:

      dumbie dont say helicopter and add spoiler tags if you dont know where the hell it is

  9. Sara! says:


  10. Not Cindy says:

    Can someone tell me where is the USB cable please?

  11. Kevn says:

    Heh sorry about the not so good walkthrough….i was in a hurry, but ya you have to charge the helecopter before you use it. Sorry!

  12. natwu says:

    to get the ice key

  13. natwu says:

    to get the ice key

  14. enidwang928 says:

    what a nice game!!!! just fantastic!!!!!!!

  15. NetMonster says:

    Thanks, I would never have found the Show

  16. Anett says:

    The USB cabel is

  17. ESCAPEAHOLIC says:

    Great game! Takes a while to load, that’s my only complaint.

  18. glenda says:

    ahhh im not good at these puzzles…lol

  19. lightsaber8884 says:

    You missed the part about charging the helicopter using the laptop.

  20. LBarr says:

    how do you open the yellow cupboards. i click on them but nothing happens! am i stupid or is there a bug? HELP!!! thanks

  21. Oleefiyah says:

    I am doing the slider thing and I put in what the website said but it keeps saying error.

    i said Show

    and everything but it still won’t work.

  22. Oleefiyah says:

    NEVERMIND, it finally worked.

  23. Oleefiyah says:

    I can’t find Show

  24. Oleefiyah says:

    Okay, so I had the hose all along, I’m officially retarded.

  25. David says:


  26. Diane says:

    I like these games and this is a good one. Thanks to everyone who helped with the Walkthroughs! I have clicked every inch of that stupid melting puddle and can’t get the mold to set down in it to fill with water. hahaha…guess I will just leave the game unfinished. Thanks again to all who helped! *kisses*

  27. MISTERAMD says:

    Don’t forget to connect the USB cable to the pc and than connect helicopter and USB together to load up the battery !! Otherwise the helicopter won’t fly :-)

  28. MISTERAMD says:


    is the code without the ” and no space for and after the text, just in between.

    You’ll found Show

    You’ll found Show

  29. Blechy says:

    How do you get the third coin?
    Is this another cheat just like the One-OffR?

  30. DNOMN8R says:

    Just for kicks, the 3rd coin:

    Could someone help me with the mini-escape game on the arcade machine?

  31. DNOMN8R says:

    Never mind, I got it. Mini-walkthrough for mini-escape game.


  32. reilly says:

    for the little mini arcade game you get by using the coin in the thing to the left of the computer

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    i don’t know what this does but i did it

  33. TB Tabby says:

    I still can’t find

  34. Richard says:

    Wheres the puddle…I can’t find it..I have both heaters on..and I have the key mold…but fail to see any puddle. I’ve walked around and waited…still no

    • Des says:

      The Puddle







      Good luck!

  35. sexybeast says:

    :( i cant get the helicopter :( i typed in Got job? and its not workin and i m gettin really mad i type it in and it just makes that stupid noise and says error grrr can someone plz help me plz

  36. John Hagge says:

    How do you get the helicopter to work? I’ve played it ten times, and every time, it tells me the battery in the helicopter is dead.

  37. Julie says:

    where is the icicle?!?

  38. Julie says:

    kevin what is the link for the code after the solve puzzle

  39. Julie says:

    they wont let me put the helecopter on the pad,
    and where is the battery

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Smokeycat says:

    Now I have a problem… can´t put the helicopter down, it says battery is empty!

  41. michaela says:

    second no for code in second picture; just below christmas tree written in the snow

  42. DNOMN8R says:

    Where are numbers in 2nd picture?