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SynapsisSynapsisSynapsis is a Brand new Room Escape game created by RobotJAM and Jason Jackson.

“Explore your subconscious in this mysterious and superb David Lynch style escape the room game… with a touch of the prisoner!”

The amazing realistic graphics and the soundtrack make Synapsis very atmospheric and I have the feeling that the sponsors servers will get hot very soon!

Have fun!

Source: Nicosite.

Update: Synapsis walkthroughs in comments #77 and #81 (thanks scruffett and Reka!)

By Eric

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191 Comments to Synapsis

  1. john locke says:


  2. pat says:

    The date is January 7, 2008? How´s that possible? My date today: January 5, 2008!

  3. bobbers says:

    use the Show

  4. Moon1234 says:

    I set the clock right, but i cant find the razor .. glitch or what? its starting to get frustrating any hints were to look?

  5. pureweapon says:

    that was really godd (jus finished) took me bout 15 mins :D

  6. Erin says:

    Seriously I can’t get the freakin’ cross in the “birdbath”

  7. Brealer says:

    did anyone else see the man with the TV on his head in corridor? [spoiler]he appeared when I left the brain room, i didnt know what to do with him so i just went to the church. He had dissapared when I came out and didn’t come back. I completed the game and played it again this time he wasn’t there.[/spolier]

  8. Victor William says:

    Hey i know what the circle glass thingy is for! point it to the light! and attach it to the robot’s eye!

  9. Sam says:

    hi m i the only one who saw that men in the corridor with a tv instead of a head? o.O i thought that nothing will poop like that but it appeared and scared me o.O

  10. Sam says:

    brealer the same thing happened to me o.O well at least im not te only one who saw him xD

  11. Haysters says:

    how do you get the lazers opened?
    (To Get The Brain That Is…..o.O?)

  12. Makayla says:

    i cant figure out how to move the lazers to get this stupid brain! gahhhh! help?! :[

  13. jeanneleez says:

    An I the only person who can’t find the spark plug?

  14. corey says:

    ok, a complete walkthrough





    good luck without the above

  15. luis says:

    hey use the disk thingy in the lights in motion

  16. heggy says:

    i did it YAY

  17. turdface says:

    when u get book out of drawer type the number out of it into phone then ring then it easy from there it all a piece of cake

  18. cayr says:

    how can i pass the conection room?

  19. Jas says:

    How do the lasers go! i know that someone already said it but it is too confusing! HELP PLEASE!

  20. MrMamn says:

    ok, i have completed the game =]
    thanks everyone for the help

  21. did it says:

    i did it but the end makes no sense to me^^ it found it not so good but the animation was very nice and much better than in other games^^

  22. laserman says:

    … that rlly creeped me out and i dindt even saw the weird TV man -_-

  23. tk angel says:

    after fonin that guy go down the ladder that appears and then the game ends

  24. vinsear says:

    i dont understand the laser room. i know i have to change the lasers but how? i dont get it.

  25. scared of the creepy guy says:

    LOL. i saw this funny man with a tv like this as a head and it scared the CRAP outta me WOW. and i went in a door came back he was gone. whatta creeper.

  26. sassy says:

    i cant get to the secret room where to the left of the clock do you click????

  27. w00t says:

    This game is somehow brilliant =D

  28. Oppo says:

    Wow, that guy with the TV for a head scared the crap out of me the first time I saw him.

    For those who want to see him, keep going into the main room. He appears there every 4-5 times.

  29. brianna says:

    Dude Cory,the top lazer times?! how many times?!

  30. Chiktionary says:

    Yes, how many times for the top lazer?

  31. Zane says:

    Sweet i beat it in 4 minutes but it makes no sense!

  32. Taylor says:

    I open the drawer but i cant find the book anyone know why??

  33. israel says:

    i saw the tv dude twice

  34. Mike says:

    For those of you having trouble with the laser room with the brain it’s a lot simpler than it seems. The laser starts from the MRI looking image and you have to direct it to the little pad to the right of (and connected to) the brain. So it needs to go in this order: MRI>Bottom Left>Top Left>Top Right>Middle Right>Middle Top>Little Pad.

  35. Mike says:

    Where am I, oh crap a MAN WITH A TV HEAD AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELP ;:0

  36. Manvir says:

    how do you put the card in the radio where is the radio??

  37. AHHHHH says:

    omg the lazers are killing me.

  38. ASIAM says:

    There’s no book in the drawer! What do I do??

  39. putri says:

    i don’t know in heart…