Sweets of Memories

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Sweets of MemoriesSweets of Memories is a new Room Escape game by Masato Miura, the author of Five Beast Pagoda and Dream Electricity. The game is in Japanese but it shouldn’t be a problem for most of you. Don’t skip the intro, enjoy the relaxing soundtrack and have fun!

Update: Sweets of Memories walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks Bogdan!) 

By Eric

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23 Comments to Sweets of Memories

  1. mammy says:


  2. mammy says:



  3. fartpilot says:

    how do you change it

  4. Rae says:

    Stuck,I have Show

    now what?

  5. BoomBoxer says:

    im stuck with [spoiler]a pen, paper and envelope and a 100yen coin[spoiler]

  6. BoomBoxer says:

    rah i give up. duno wad number to call on the phone either.

  7. Ben says:


    As for the cigarette disposals, it’s a little game. Click around.

    So this is really an adver-game for Happy Donuts.

    What I’m not sure of is the number to call on the phone, because you can leave without making a call.

  8. fartpilot says:

    OUT and free

  9. Bogdan says:

    How can the coin be changed?

  10. fartpilot says:

    you get money back in the mashine, glick at the lover

  11. Hillda says:

    It was a really stupid game

  12. Bogdan says:

    I think I figured out

  13. shaz says:

    omg i cant see the numbers that clearly on that happy clover thingy they r very faint apart from the bottom right one,any else having same problem

  14. Tzambissamo says:

    How can you change the coin? I lost mine clicking on the cig machine. >_

  15. Bogdan says:


    So no need to change the coin and/or make any phone calls! ;-)

  16. shaz says:

    i dont get wat u mean slide right to left on clover bit nothing is happening

  17. shaz says:

    wooo hoooo im out ty for walk through needed abit of help

  18. otacsaf says:

    so what was the point of the Happy Clover #’s and the coin and the telephone? weird.

  19. Andy says:

    I found the number, just in case anyone finds a use for it: Show

  20. Reka says:

    It won’t let me

    Is there some trick I’m missing, or am I clicking on the wrong pixel, or what?

    I’ve done everything else that I can, but I’m completely stuck because it won’t let me do what I’m supposed to do for the next step.

  21. Reka says:

    Ok, I swear this game is buggy or something, because now I’ve got a keychain dangling mockingly at me, but refusing to melt, no matter how much hot water I waste. (I had to restart the game twice to get this far.)

  22. Ben says:


  23. Faywings says:

    Andy – January 5,2008 – 8:07 pm

    I found the number, just in case anyone finds a use for it: Show

    that Japanese typing out with the code means “I’m still loving u now”. so heartbreaking sweet! Thanks Andy 4 the code.