Bomb Chain

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Bomb ChainBomb ChainBomb Chain is a little puzzle game in which you have to blow up all the bombs on the board by creating the perfect chain reaction.

Use your mouse to click and drag a bomb from your inventory and drop it onto the board. You can drop a bomb onto an empty square or onto another bomb to combine them into a more powerful bomb.

The game features 40 levels of increasing difficulty and records your best-time score for each level. Your progress is automatically saved after you clear a level.

If you are looking for a simple but challenging puzzle game, then Bomb Chain might be the game for you.

Have fun!

Bomb Chain video walkthrough!

By Eric

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181 Comments to Bomb Chain

  1. liesse says:

    hey dan918, thanx for the help but it’s B1, B8, I1 and I8 :)

  2. need cheat says:

    18!!!! need help now!!!

  3. Exgen. says:


  4. LJ23 says:

    Need Serious help with 25 could someone please tell me thanks.

  5. somone3426 says:

    For level 26…..

  6. somone3426 says:

    For level 28….

  7. dereck says:


  8. chaz says:

    help on level 20 plz

  9. bbbbbbb says:

    helppp me on 31 plz coz that boy has done it rong lol

  10. dan918 says:

    thanks for the correction, liesse! lol
    i’ll be back!

  11. dan918 says:

    lvl 25…

  12. dan918 says:

    lvl 25…

  13. ziz says:

    how do you do level 12 i need help plz

  14. Me says:

    lvl 10?

  15. dan918 says:

    lvl 31

  16. dan918 says:

    lvl 10

  17. dan918 says:

    lvl 18

  18. anonymus says:

    how do you do level 21

  19. dan918 says:

    lvl 20

  20. dan918 says:

    i hope i’ve helped u all
    until later, see ya

  21. KAV says:

    i need help with level 19 !!!!!!! plz help
    lol HELP !!!!!!!!

  22. markodotto says:

    can some1 plz help wit lvl 29 ty

  23. markodotto says:

    can sum1 pplz tell me answeer 4 33 ive been @ it 4 agers

  24. Yoyoyoyoyyoyyoyo says:

    how do u do 25

  25. HGF says:


  26. RoyValkema says:

    Cool my video on the site heres the second one 21-35
    Working on the last one with screenshots.

  27. anonymous says:

    I need help with level 33!!!!

  28. LJ23 says:

    Can someone tell me a answer for 25 because dan918 is wrong!!!

  29. Sixnxzs says:


  30. T says:

    I can’t get the answer for level 36 to work…can someone help me out, here?

  31. T says:

    Level 33 answer:


  32. markodotto says:

    does any2 no 36??tx

  33. markodotto says:

    36? i tried a few but they didnt work

  34. Edgordo says:

    the message of Tzambissamo, number 29 about the level 34 , is horizontal E6, Not E7, great game

  35. Beta7 says:

    I finally got through level 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! Its really not as hard as we made it out to be, but I’m sure its the only possible answer. Here she is:


  36. Sixnxzs says:

    i tried using T’s walkthrough but it didn’t work T_T

  37. alex says:

    CANT DO LVL 6!!! GRRRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. flipup says:

    how do u do 14

  39. Iridium says:

    Nice game !
    It takes me hours to finish it. ;-)
    So take time to search !

    note : there is 2 possible answers for level 40…

  40. Breanna says:

    on level 10, you can’t join all the bombs together! And if you can, then how?

  41. Breanna says:

    on level six, you join all the bombs together in the middle

  42. Breanna says:

    I CAN”T DO LEVEL 10!!!! What’s the answer?

  43. Breanna says:

    lvl 14! Please!

  44. triphon says:

    could you help me on level 19 please?

  45. Frank says:

    34 Need one bomb less for game 34, but then game don’t accept solution

  46. Frank says:

    Can do number 37 with one bomb less

  47. Breanna says:

    Level 19 PLEASE!!!! T_T

  48. Ruben says:

    level 30!!!!!!! help guys tell me !!!!

  49. kim.shan123 says:

    need help for level 20 !!!!!! asapp !!!!

  50. shansmells says:

    please can i have help for level 20 x