Bon Voyage

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Bon VoyageBon VoyageBon Voyage is live! This game is the latest creation of IDAC, the author of numerous popular Room Escape games such as The Bar, Il Destino, One-Off, The White Day and The Shochu Bar to name a few. Bon Voyage is the sequel to Strawberry Tomato, a game released last summer.

Check this new game out! Sit down and prepare yourself again for a new exciting adventure.

Bon Voyage is the first game created by IDAC that features a save option: is it because it is a very hard Room Escape game?

Have fun!

Update: Bon Voyage walkthrough in comment #192 (thanks monte!) 

By Eric

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260 Comments to Bon Voyage

  1. Julia says:

    Almost two hours! Gosh!

  2. shay says:

    stuck on painting? Unlocked the code thing and moved the original over to reveal that colorful one…no dice from here. I know what the colors are for just not sure what order!

  3. shay says:

    Key to use the blue door? Anyone? lol

  4. Chiyo says:

    the walkthrough is great but doesn’t tell me to turn off the light at the cave (a place where I found the laptop), there’s a few important part where we have to figure it out by ourselves ^^;;

  5. Eveline says:

    Monte thanks for the walkthrough, but in the tree room, where IS the water, I dont have any water to stop…….

  6. kate says:

    where is the flashlight/blacklight???? the walkthrought says in the vase but i cant find it! i’ve got until the uv paint but dont have the blacklight :(

  7. Litsaki says:

    wow…1:58 minutes it took me…I was ready to give up…

  8. Aniaa says:

    I have

    Now I’m trying to Show

  9. trista says:

    i’m trying to open the drawer with the blue key. it’s not working. help please….

  10. chickie says:

    hey guys
    this website has a really good walkthrough. really helped me out when the other one left me needing more info. hope it helps you all out a bit.