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Room-RoomRoom-Room is the first Room Escape game created by a young Japanese developer. The game is written in Japanese and the language barrier may be a problem in this one. Room-Room is not easy as it looks, even with the help of the TAB key! Have fun!

Update: Room-Room walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks D!)

By Eric

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22 Comments to Room-Room

  1. Fire Storm says:

    First :-) I got a bunch of items already in the right hand side and a door but I click everywhere and nothing happens…..

  2. Wolfika says:

    the same is with me: Show

  3. Clara says:

    there is a glitch in this game. don’t turn on the computer until you know the password because you can’t go back to the computer screen if you’ve been there before

  4. martin says:

    Found Show


  5. Jay chia says:

    can’t take the socket >.

  6. Jay chia says:

    i got Show

  7. Jay chia says:

    wow, somehow, Show

  8. Alice says:

    you can use the wire bender on the Show

    don’t know what to do next.. what is the pc’s password?

  9. WifeofDZ says:


  10. jo says:

    i cant figure out how to get the pass word! it might be on the paper.

  11. mammy says:

    the start of the code

  12. shalimar says:

    hi need help with the candle

  13. D says:

    Password is Show

  14. shalimar says:

    i put the tack under the candle close the light check the candle no number can’t move the mirror need help plzzzzzzzzz

  15. D says:



  16. shalimar says:

    thz the pass is correct but i did u get it

  17. D says:

    Each letter Show

  18. MRH says:

    Easy way out even without the walkthrough. The inventories are easy to find and to figure what it’s for. The computer code a little tough, but with “is that pen=17514”, gave me an idea to convert all the letters into its number counterpart. Since I’ve played numerous room escape games that requires encoding, it didn’t take time before I solved this one. Thanks!!!!

  19. Jay chia says:

    Nvm,OUT!!!YAY!!!Nice game,but not so diffucult…

  20. bunny says:

    How do i take the Show

    from the Show

  21. gerg says:

    lift lamp up and u will see second key

  22. jessc says:

    i cant find the magnifying glass in the bedroom. someone help me.