Dr Dokkoy

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Dr DokkoyDr DokkoyDr Dokkoy is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game released by Aztec. This is the sequel to the previously reviewed Shrine (Jinja), Escape from Island and Escape from Octlien.

After you escaped the spaceship in the last episode, you are back on Planet Earth, and some things may have changed while you were gone.

Don’t forget to drag the items onto the check button to examine them.

Dr Dokkoy is as good as the previous installments and if you like Aztec’s work, you won’t disappointed!

Have fun!

Update: Dr Dokkoy walkthrough in comment #7 (thanks Diana and BoomBoxer!)

By Eric

current rating 4.29


36 Comments to Dr Dokkoy

  1. waterpot king says:

    can anyone tell me how to do with the axe, firework, and the cord?

  2. Gissa says:

    What to do with the kite :(

  3. Gissa says:

    the axe: Show

  4. Gissa says:

    ok I got it.. I’ve got one item missing, and I’m stuck.

  5. ca says:

    i don’t get it. when you click something it wiggles or moves and nothing else happens…….

  6. Gissa says:

    The list of items:

    Can someone tell me what am I missing, and where to get it!

  7. BoomBoxer says:

    WALKTHROUGH (credits totally given to anader gamer, Diana, i merely put it here)

    By the way,

  8. nitrox says:

    hey i cant figure out where to use the fireworks… wt antena? plz help

  9. Fire Storm says:

    Nitrox….some help if you still need it…..Show

  10. nitrox says:

    ok finally i get it… you need to drag the fireworks on to the Show

  11. Jon A says:

    Hint for people


  12. Clara says:

    can anyone tell me where the battery in the observatory is please, i cant find it.

  13. NetMonster says:


  14. Clara says:

    thank you netmonster

  15. Kuki says:

    Anyone knows how to turn on the 2 blue boxes so the laser hits the stone?

  16. BoomBoxer says:


  17. dancergirl says:

    i don’t know what to do wiith the broken antenna, would somebody help me?

  18. Michael says:

    where is the lab? the white building the stone smashed into?inside the lab pick up the stone and cord

  19. Michael says:

    alright i found the lab and inside the cord not the stone is it that thing that comes out of the bin?can not pick it up.

  20. Josesita says:

    stuck there too…
    can´t seem to do anything on the same screen…

  21. Josesita says:

    nvm… did it!

  22. Sabrina333 says:

    where do u get the fireworks from?!!??!

  23. sam says:

    im opening the computer tower for i guess the battery….but no battery

  24. Tinko says:

    Same problem as “dancergirl”…

  25. Tinko says:

    Ok, I got it… dancergirl, use thet anntena as told in the walkthrough… no “using it on the right screen of the windmill” is neccesary!

  26. Jennine says:

    i don’t know what to do with the broken antenna, would somebody help me?

  27. Jay says:

    how do i use da pulley and da rope

  28. Haley says:

    I cannot find the cord or “ancient stone”… the lab? como what?

    thank you kindly.

  29. Haley says:

    nevermind! I figured it out… muchas gracias

  30. lulu says:

    where do i use the broken antenna?

  31. AMBDSB says:

    help! Show

  32. AMBDSB says:

    never mind! I got it :)

  33. souljagrl says:

    idk were the rope is to go down the well! someone please help! ty

  34. souljagrl says:

    nvm i found it ty anyway

  35. barhutson says:

    i cant get the antenna togo on windmill screen

  36. spielerin says:

    for everyone who stuck at the antenna scene (at the end) Show

    put the antenna Show

    hope this will help