Tipping Point – Chapters 1 and 2

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Tipping PointTipping PointTipping Point is a new Point’n’Click adventure series created by Dan Russell-Pinson.

“Like most adventure games, there are no rules and no instructions in Tipping Point, and you can’t do anything wrong. Just look closely at your surroundings and the items on the screen. Try to figure out what to click, pick up, etc. to move the story forward. Enjoy the lush surroundings as the mystery unfolds.”

The first two chapters are online, and the author is already working on the third one.

Tipping Point features beautiful photo realistic graphics, nice animations and a good soundtrack (sound required!). If you like adventure games, you will love this series!

Play Chapter 1!

Play Chapter 2!

Tipping Point walkthroughs here

(thanks BoomBoxer and ChasR!)

03-25-08: Tipping Point – Chapter 3 is live!

11-07-08: Tipping Point – Chapter 4 is live!

By Eric

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186 Comments to Tipping Point – Chapters 1 and 2

  1. c says:

    PLZ HELP!!!!! how do i light the lantern???? i’vs been stuck for months

  2. m.m.p.77 says:

    i can’t find the box (in the ship) for the level 2 !!! HELP ME PLEASE !!!!

  3. m.m.p.77 says:

    yay, i found the box !

    good luck everybody

  4. Chrisjo says:

    I am stuck on opening the lion’s mouth. I have changed the colors on the cassette to match the lion’s mouth but the mouth won’t open. Help me!

  5. ethan says:

    i need help lighting the lantern

  6. Sharlie says:

    you light the lamp by lighting the dead palm branch on fire using the magnifying glass found in the box on the ship which is behind the board on the right side of the storage room that is to the left the key is by the cave. you find that by getting the shovel and batteries from the storing room on the boat (you get into the boat by clicking on the anchor). put the batteries in the metel detector in the hut. drag the metal detector over the area beside the cave, when it lights up use the shovel to dig the click on the whole and theres the key. if anyone knows how to get through the cave or what ever your supposed to do in the cave let me know i already have the paper and the decoder together and i think the 11 outside the cave is a clue to the number I’m supposed to use but the faces dont match the arrows.

  7. Sharlie says:

    never mind about the cave i figured it out.
    you open the lions mouth by playing the lion cassett on the table with the food on it. play the cassett but take note of the color stikers on it. the lion’s eyes will only show up while the tape is playing. go to the lion and put the colors that were on the tape in his eyes and click on his mouth

  8. anna witchell says:

    could anyone help me dig for the key because im really stuck

  9. Alice M says:

    Do you have a metal detector and shovel? Battery and the shovel are in the boat in the storage room. Need to put the battery in the detector and it’s outside the cave, up a littlte towards the hill. Have to wait until the shovel glows yellow then dig there

  10. melanie says:

    I just cant follow the cave decoder???????? How do I read it? The first face is a goat, the decoder shows both arrows(one on each side of the goat) point left. O.K. I went left. Now it looks like goat/owl. Do I stay on line 11 in the decoder? Goat owl reads right. If I follow the decoder, when i get to man owl the arows on each side point in ywo different directions? What do I do???

  11. rachel says:

    melanie when you enter the cave go right than left then left then right then left then right

  12. Joza says:

    thanks for all the help guys!

  13. anu says:

    i am stuck with those simarouba fruits….help me plzzz

  14. anu says:

    plzz tell me where is that glass shard….plzzzzzz

  15. anu says:

    ok i’v got the glass….but please tell me what do i do with that lion on the tree…his eyes are shining….plzzz HELP..

  16. anu says:

    i’v tried the colours which were on the casseste while playing it…but it isn’t working at all….plz help me…

  17. Lexi says:

    how do you light the branch on fire if it won’t stay on the ground?

  18. Lexi says:

    how do you light the branch on fire if with the magnifying glass?

  19. Chanel says:

    how do you get through the cave?

  20. jeff says:

    witch storage closet

  21. jeff says:


  22. Ubda says:

    I can’t find the Box in the ship. PLZ HELP I NEED HELP!!! NOW

  23. Ubda says:

    I found the BOX IN THE WALL!!!

  24. eveljac says:

    i’ve successfully completed tipping point chapter 1, 3 and 4. but i’ve been duped on chapter 2 for every time. i’ve put together the metal detector, found the brass key but i need to find a way to light the lantern, thereby the fire pit and i need to find the chest that the key opens. i know that the lantern will light the way in the cave where possibly the chest is located. please help!!!!

  25. bob says:

    I cant find the box

  26. ethan234535 says:

    to find the box in the ships hallway you go left in the room there is a sliver on the right wall click then use the key to open it

  27. yoyoyoy says:

    i cant light the palm leaf on fire???

  28. Hope says:

    hi ..
    i can’t see the lantern ..
    where in the world i can find it ? :[

  29. Natasha says:

    How to get the key: Its by the cave, use the metal ditactor to find it then use the shovel to dig it up, I had hard time to do this and found if you move the shovel a little bit more up it will glow and you can dig.
    In the cave: The decoder is to your right, put the paper in it and turn it to 11 ( this was the # on the rock ) LEAVE IT ON 11. Follow the instructions like goat to the right and owl/uglything to the left whatever it says. But STAY on 11 dont srcoll up or down. It should take you to where you must go to win :]

  30. timsy says:

    u even need to see the shape of the cave lyk wen it luks lyk goat thn follow the direction written next to the goat then if u see human and owl together then follow the direction bt always keep in mind wat is the shape of the cave and then follow the direction accordingly

  31. liggy says:

    wow the movie on the tv is “teenages from outer space”… xD

  32. shelly says:

    what do u do once you figure out the cave?

  33. shelly says:

    i got to the goat at the end of the cave but thers nothing there!

  34. Erica says:

    i dont know where to find the keypad for the device. help!!

  35. Milla says:

    The keypad comes off the red phone-looking thing – it’s hard to find the on button for it but it’s on the upper right side.

    Where is chapter 5, I can’t wait!

  36. mean says:

    How can i get start at chapter3? there’s nothing to click on..