Dassyutu 15

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Dassyutu 15Dassyutu 15 is the latest installment in the Japanese Dassyutu Room Escape game series created by Oshironoshiro. You are stuck in a room with a little bridge going over some water. Are you ready for fishing? How long will it take you to find a way to escape? Have fun!

By Eric

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27 Comments to Dassyutu 15

  1. Nicole says:

    first – working on trying to make a walk through right now

  2. GamerJoe says:

    wish i could read japanese

  3. Andy says:

    How do I cross the bridge?

  4. TotalNoob says:

    It took me forever, but I finally found the right spot here:


  5. gman says:

    i’ve clicked on every damn pixel on that bridge and even went to babelfish for japanese translation and i can’t get across

  6. TotalNoob says:

    Is anyone still playing? I’m now completely stuck! I have:



    safe code:



    and absolutely no idea what to do with any of it!

  7. gman says:

    wow this is ridiculous, i can’t find the key or even get across the bridge. I understand the idea is to make a game that is challenging but man….this just bites, it’s very frustrating and I say good luck to anyone who goes any further with this.

  8. TotalNoob says:

    OK, so I went back and started the game over, and now I can’t get across the bridge either! These games can be so friggin’ glitchy! Sometimes I wonder why I bother playing, they can be so frustrating…sigh.

  9. gman says:

    take hammer and hit the bridge on sides where you found number and hammer handle then whack the crap out of the bridge with hammer going to other side and you’ll get across!

  10. TotalNoob says:

    Alright, this is how far I’ve gotten:




  11. les says:

    Leaving off from totalnoob: Show

  12. DENIZ says:

    You Use the fishing pole on the bottom of the left polewith with small picture on the wall, you get a bottle, then put the white thing to cap the bottle, what for yet I don’t know.

  13. DENIZ says:

    Then throw the bottle back in the water at the picture, go across the bridge get the bottle back from water with a note in it.

  14. gman says:


  15. TotalNoob says:

    Thank you!

  16. Mokokauwae says:

    Fanx for all the help wouldnt have finished this without all the help…

  17. gman says:

    For once I was able to input some game help…you all have helped me out in the past , with most of the games….Nice team work gamers!

  18. Andy says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough, guys, but can you be a bit more specific about where the tweezers are on the coffee table, please? I’ve clicked all around and can’t find them.

  19. Andy says:

    Nevermind. Show

  20. Jay chia says:

    HOW DO I USE HAMMER some1 tell me?please

  21. goldie says:

    I dont get the string????? anybody help moi??? Thnx.

  22. goldie says:

    sorry i got the string

  23. goldie says:

    Thnx all,i am out,very nice game.

  24. TotalNoob says:

    I’m with you gman, this was the first time I’ve ever been able to add even a partial wakthrough, it felt great! Thanks for everyone’s input!

  25. jess says:

    i cant find the tweezers. help me out!!

  26. katie says:


  27. sara says:

    why on earth can’t i get across the bridge???!