Three Cats Christmas Escape

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Three Cats Christmas EscapeOne month before Christmas Eve, the Three Cats are back in a brand new Japanese Room Escape game made by the creator of Three Cats Escape and the Concert Series. The Three Cats are eager to go outside and play in their first snow. The game has 4 different endings. Have fun!

Update: Three Cats Christmas Escape walkthrough in comments #54, #57 and #58 (thanks Anne and DNOMN8R!)

By Eric

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66 Comments to Three Cats Christmas Escape

  1. Fire Storm says:

    First? ;-D now what…???

  2. Fire Storm says:

    So far Show

  3. Fire Storm says:


  4. Fire Storm says:


  5. Fire Storm says:


  6. Fire Storm says:


  7. Fire Storm says:


  8. Fire Storm says:


  9. Roxxi_Rox_My_Socks says:


  10. Fire Storm says:

    Stuck now……

  11. Roxxi_Rox_My_Socks says:

    me too

  12. Fire Storm says:


  13. Fire Storm says:

    I think the Show

  14. Anne says:

    Use key from Show

  15. Anne says:

    work on cling wrap!

  16. LVgem says:

    you can zoom into the right…. Show

  17. effcia says:

    when you are standing in front Show

  18. LVgem says:

    correction Show

  19. Anne says:


  20. LVgem says:

    once the …, then…Show

  21. effcia says:

    when you click on the Show

  22. effcia says:

    ok i have more…

    when you click on the Show

  23. LVgem says:

    I was able to place the log at the top of the..Show

  24. effcia says:

    and then when you click on other Show

  25. Ayla says:

    use the Show

  26. effcia says:

    on the other side of Show

  27. LVgem says:

    When you do the about info on the foil box ..Show

  28. effcia says:

    ok i’ve opened the doors on the password :)
    the password is:

  29. Ayla says:

    Lv give that ball to a cat

  30. effcia says:

    on the other room i’ve found:

  31. LVgem says:

    I was now able to….Show

    I had tried this several times before, but it didn’t work. Maybe, the kitty… ..Show

    before placing the plank.

  32. Mokokauwae says:

    I escaped but didnt use the Show

    my ending was through the front door and it was a nice ending.

  33. effcia says:

    on the 3rd room (bedroom) there is

  34. LVgem says:

    Thanks Ayla…! I am a bit slow trying type and to do the spoilers! I play these games every day, but have never contributed info. :-)

  35. effcia says:

    to open the Show

  36. effcia says:

    oh the thing behind Show

  37. Ayla says:

    On plank is number 18 green

  38. effcia says:

    in the bedroom Show

  39. effcia says:

    the silver key fits Show

  40. Ayla says:

    Go to bookcase Show

  41. Mokokauwae says:

    Just found another ending concerning the plank and window. Show

  42. Ayla says:

    It’s a code for the door !!!!

  43. Anne says:

    solved book shelf


  44. effcia says:

    Ayla i’ve already wrote it :P

  45. Mokokauwae says:

    i cant find my way out in the other 2 endings

  46. effcia says:

    the other ending is:

  47. effcia says:

    oh sorry poker not pot :D my mistake

  48. H33RAH says:


  49. goldie says:

    Walkthrough please?

  50. Christie says:

    where is the ash tray??? and the remote???? and the battery???? i cant click on the ceiling there is no ceiling…..