D’s Look for Hamsters

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D's Look For HamstersIn D’s Look for Hamsters, you are trapped in a room and your goal is to find a lot of Hamsters. And if you find them all, you will be able to open the door and escape the room! A cute and simple game created by Doradora, recommended for a very short break. Have fun!

Update: D’s Look for Hamsters walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks taurus!)

By Eric

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60 Comments to D’s Look for Hamsters

  1. Sherry says:

    help I’ve only found 12

  2. bedva says:

    So do I. I looked everywhere!

  3. bedva says:

    Got another one!

  4. bedva says:

    and another one.


    Still missing two.

  5. Ayla says:

    Hi .look behind pumpkin !!! 13

  6. Ayla says:

    I did it !!!

  7. bedva says:

    The one behind pumpkin I got, but still missing two.

  8. Angela says:

    click on Show

  9. Christie says:

    ive got like 14 now

  10. Christie says:

    oh he was in the litltle square

  11. ashley says:

    there are only 15 hamsters in the game…

  12. bedva says:

    Indeed, only 15.

  13. alice says:

    Only found the first one…the one behind the flowerpot…it just says ‘there is nobody anymore’ and I can’t click on anything besides the flowerpot.

  14. DENIZ says:

    The pregnant one had babie, they are in the bottom of the red cage, they fill up the 16th spot.

  15. taurus says:


  16. DENIZ says:

    But I still need one more, I only have 14 and the babies.

  17. BoomBoxer says:

    ez. i only cant find the one behind me. this game is cute. the picture of hamsters on the wall is useful too.

  18. Mokokauwae says:

    Nice easy game but needed help wif the babies… Fanx…

  19. goldie says:

    Done. Thnx.

  20. Josesita says:

    im missing one…

  21. TeYpsilon.Ge says:

    im done hehe…

  22. Ranelle says:

    i need help with one more is there one in that box? How do you get it

  23. DJ says:

    how to get the one in the box

  24. Tinkerbella says:

    How do i get the one in the box with the four babies it just won’t work!!!

  25. meeeeeeeeeeeps says:

    u just have 2 keep clicken around at that cage it didnt work 4 me @ 1st but if u keep tryin itll work……

    dont worry b happy

  26. taurus says:


  27. youqi says:

    how you can open the box?

  28. youqi says:

    i have 15 hamsters

  29. carlo says:

    i got one click the top right of the sealing many times and then you will find the light bulb above it you will find a hamster : )

  30. carlo says:

    oops just click the top
    and the bottom on the living room where the tv set is located

  31. Rossella says:

    wheres the cage ???

  32. Rossella says:

    i still need 2 more hamsters but i can not find them :S:S

  33. lexi says:

    in the room with the pictures of the hamsters there is a little blue square,, clik n drag it and theres one there :)

  34. lexi says:

    also clik on the curtain and then window and theres one there also :D

  35. orca says:

    cute game. nice ‘n esy

  36. ambii says:

    i only have 15 and Show

    anybody help please????

  37. ambii says:

    nvm i got it now =]

  38. maryna and ty says:

    we cant find the “i’m expecting” hamster. where is the cage?

  39. Alicia says:



  40. Ixxx says:

    I haven’t got last hamster. Where it is?

  41. BEA says:

    Actually, yes there are 16. if you already find 15 of the hamsters, you can go out now because you are the sixteenth. cause that means you are also a hamster.hehehe.

  42. evie says:


  43. M says:

    I found all 6 hamsters! :)

  44. gabriel says:

    i find the babies they are on the cage in tv room that you find the 15 hamster if you click on the left side they will appear

  45. CeeCee says:

    Um… The link is wrong. It leads to a page that’s labeled right but has a different game by D.

    Edit: thanks, link updated!

  46. Madison says:

    I need a walkthrough please!

  47. ty says:

    its a good game but the hamsters were in some stupid spots.like how does a hamster get in the wall?? and who buys a hamster a kitty pool(its for kitties).there r actually 19 hamsters not 16(4 babies).

  48. FiestyGal says:

    Argh! I have all the hamsters and one empty space. When I click the flowers, it says there is nobody anymore and I can’t leave. But I can’t seem to get the box open. There might be something hidden… yeah! But I can only move the box, not open it. Frustrated.

  49. kendall says:

    ty its not for kitties, they call it a kiDDy pool, and a Kiddy is a young animal or human.

  50. Federico says:

    first time i ve found only 12 or 13 hamsters
    then day later found 15 for now thanks for alicia (here in the forum)
    but when found 15 hamsters, got out. WTF?
    im was thinking dat the game is BETA cuz it´s incomplete. Also like that need some things like visible cage, lamp, etc

    PD.: sorry, my english suck