Are you good at Geography? 6 – The Traveler IQ Challenge

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The Traveller IQ ChallengeThe Traveller IQ ChallengeThe Traveler IQ Challenge is another game to test your knowledge of Geography that was created by Travel Pod, an Ottawa-based company. The game is pretty much a single-player Geosense, but with much better graphics.

Your goal here is to locate cities or famous places on a map of the world with your mouse. Your score is presented after each answer, and the game consists of 12 levels of increasing difficulty, each with a limited number of questions.

It is pretty easy to locate cities like Houston or Paris and famous places like the Tower of London or the Red Square, but it becomes much more difficult to locate a city like Luang Prabang or a famous place like Wangerooge! Huh, did I say famous?

Have fun!

Update: if you experience problems running the game, try the original link.

By Eric

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11 Comments to Are you good at Geography? 6 – The Traveler IQ Challenge

  1. VV says:

    Lvl 11 with 445,439 points, traveler iq = 120
    Not bad. 8-)

  2. ginin says:

    nicely done there, I only got to lvl 8 xD

  3. mle says:

    Wow, I finally found a game I’m really good at. Got through level 11 the first time, but it took 8 more tries to finish it with 615,046 points, iq 138.

  4. ben says:

    eric i dont think it is loading im having trouble getting on

    ty eric

  5. Eric says:

    @ ben – You right, the game doesn’t load in IE 6/7, but it works fine in FF/Opera. I’ll try to fix it asap. Edit: fixed! Thanks for reporting!

  6. ben says:

    your welcome eric

  7. ben says:

    what does ie 6/7 and ff/opera i think its still acting weird

  8. ben says:

    try to find a better link to the game, if you can

    ty eric

  9. ben says:

    if its not working i found another link on Google!

  10. ben says:

    eric you are so nice

  11. wenshidi says:

    For anybody interested, there is a new Traveler IQ Challenge Discussion Group just started over at Yahoo Groups.
    Things are a bit quiet at the moment, but things should liven up as more and more people discover this great game in the very near future. If you are a Traveler IQ Challenge fan why not come on over and introduce yourself today.