Nekonote Escape 4 – Lion Room

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Nekonote Escape 4 - Lion RoomNekonote Escape 4 – Lion Room is the fourth installment in the Japanese Nekonote series. This one is really easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes before you escape the room! A game recommended for kids/beginners or for a 5 minute coffee break. Have fun!

Update: Nekonote Escape 4 – Lion Room walkthrough in comment #1 (thanks Mokokauwae!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to Nekonote Escape 4 – Lion Room

  1. Mokokauwae says:

    Walkthrough not that you need one. This is very simple…

    This is my first walkthrough so sorry if i didn’t do it right…

  2. Mokokauwae says:

    If you click on the hole after you get the key [ you will see the mouse and his family]

  3. mo says:

    where do you click to give the pinkthing tothe lion i cant get himto take it

  4. mo says:


  5. vanni_ogg says:

    That was toooo easy! Gähn!

  6. Liontamer says:

    I couldn’t find the tissues without the walkthrough!

  7. Melanie says:

    what do you do with the mouse.

  8. Molly says:

    I can’t get the tissue. Is there a particular place you have to clock on the shelf?

  9. Snowman says:

    Nekonote Escape Walkthrough (Snowman)

  10. :D smile :D says:

    Wow that was a dumb game

  11. Marije says:

    I can’t give the toy to the lion. pls help?!

  12. Snowman says:

    Marije, the lion will not accept the toy unless Show

  13. Katt says:

    super short and easy, as others have said.
    but come on, that’s one cute lion =)