the Lucre – Lost Ethereal

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Lost EtherealLost Ethereal is created for the lowrez game jam.  It’s a short, sweet little game but it doesn’t give you much direction.  The only part I found confusing was the part with the lights – I’ll put a hint in the comments with a spoiler tag. It is made with Unity but I had no trouble loading it as I sometimes do with Unity games.  Play Lost Ethereal here

By osmodiar

current rating 4.33


2 Comments to the Lucre – Lost Ethereal

  1. osmodiar says:

    Hint for the lights Show

  2. Aaron Standridge says:

    after you get the 3 items, what do you do? I looked around for like 15 minutes and I couldn’t find anything to do. Does the game have an actual ending, or am I just stuck. Please help.