Greetings From The Wolf Den!

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White Wolf

Its been a long and life changing two years!

I’m glad Frank could reactivate the game site. I wanted to but didn’t have the resources at that time.

I still go on the Tribal Canoe Journeys, but now I have a full time job and a new house on two acres. Wow, what a change in lifestyle.

I work 14 hours a day now dismantling ships for recycling. I like taking things apart that I don’t have to put back together!

I’ll post new games as often as I can. (4:30am comes way to early!)

Lets get FreeGamesNews back to what it was!


By White Wolf

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6 Comments to Greetings From The Wolf Den!

  1. osmodiar says:

    Hi! Welcome back!

  2. Ed says:

    Uh, well. I would say nice to see your site back running if it would actually run. All non-external games don’t load anymore.