Phantom Mansion – 3: The Yellow Tower

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Phantom Mansion 3Phantom Mansion 3The Yellow Tower is the third chapter of the Phantom Mansion series released at Gimme5games.

Help Hector the Spectre Detector make his way through 24 new levels filled with diabolical puzzles using crates, switches and keys to retrieve all the skulls from each chamber.

This third chapter is as good as the previous ones and the good news is that the Chapter 4, The Green Gallery, will go live before Christmas!

Have fun!

Update: Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. readers! 

By Eric

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65 Comments to Phantom Mansion – 3: The Yellow Tower

  1. Greg says:

    Anyone got any ideas about room “walk don’t run”?

  2. tera says:

    for Crossover (last level)

  3. tera says:

    walk don’t run

  4. reece says:

    i need help on “E C does it” and “criss cross”

  5. pebbs says:

    anybody help with “don’t get cross” have been trying for over an hour now and still can’t get it.

    plz help if you can. thanks

  6. pebbs says:

    finally done it don’t know how but i did lol

  7. Janice says:

    Please can someone help me with the level ‘get cross’ ! It is driving me mad !

  8. Janice says:

    Just got it ! Not sure how I did but I got there !

  9. Amy says:

    I am so stuck on “E C does it”
    i can’t figure out how to make the last 3 boxes into a bridge to the door!!…HELP!

  10. Sirion says:

    EC does it
    after many tries I solved it

    but I could need help at witched on

  11. Potato Chip says:

    Need help on Unlucky for Everyone…any takers? Is there a trick to the lowest level and getting around all those cursed floor tiles?

  12. puzzler2 says:

    please i need help with get cross been stuck for hours and cant get it

  13. Nameless One says:

    HELP on criss cross please!!!!!!

  14. KitT says:

    Stuck on Unlucky for Everyone, too. Been there for 2 days now and am sooo frustrated. I just know it is going to be really easy. Help!!!!! Please.

  15. [email protected] Kong says:

    Anyone can help ,me for ” Get Cross”?

  16. Nameless One says:

    I also need help on Get Cross.

  17. Richard says:

    Get Cross


    E C Does It


  18. Richard says:

    Criss Cross


  19. [email protected] Kong says:

    Thanks, Richard~

  20. Xkat says:

    Potato Chip and KitT


  21. GF Brendever says:

    Stuck on “Garden Party”

  22. reece says:

    help with “don’t get cross” and “purple maze” please

  23. Fenny says:

    Unlucky for Everyone
    [spolier]The key for solving this level is the fact that cursed floor tiles only hurt when you step on them. If one pops up under you, you take no damage. Use that to your advantage when crossing the double cursed floor, by stepping on the first tile as the curse vanishes, then staying still until the zombie comes back and removes the curse from the second tile. The rest of the level is self explanatory[/spoiler]

  24. Sarah says:

    Im soo stuck on “Get Cross” and the spoiler about it doesn’t make any since at all. I soo confused. Please help.

  25. reece says:

    never mind, did “don’t get cross”

  26. reece says:

    help with purple maze please! (just the box moving)

  27. GF Brendever says:

    garden party walkthrough please

  28. GF Brendever says:

    Help in Purple Maze boxes needed

  29. GF Brendever says:

    Found out Purple Maze but NOBODY COMES HERE ANYMORE?!?

  30. Evelyn Jepson says:

    Need help with Get Cross and Don’t Get Cross

  31. Kate C says:

    Anyone with any box-pushing hints for Purple Maze? (I’ll even take the bug!)

  32. GF Brendever says:

    Ok Kate,you need to Show

  33. ca says:

    any help on spiral tap??

  34. reece says:

    i found a glitch. when you put a box somewhere and the floor it’s on turns into a void and you push that box, you walk on the void!

    but i need help on sprial trap and unlucky for everyone

  35. Jenny says:

    Need help on “get cross”
    The spoiler doesn’t seem to be right or i just don’t get it… Any help please?

  36. jdk says:

    please help on spiral tap! I’ve been stuck for days and I’m losing my mind a little

  37. Bel says:

    I really need help on spiral tap. Someone has to have finished it before. Please give a spoiler?

  38. GF Brendever says:

    Spiral Tap: Show

    Ca, Reece, jdk,Bel.Hope it helps.

  39. GF Brendever says:

    the Get Cross walkthrough is messed up but just some clues


  40. ca says:

    what’s the deal with the change on the game??? now the link takes me to another website to play and none of my progress is saved!! I have to start all over!!! anyone else????

  41. Naty says:

    Please i need help with the room Crossover i don´t know how to put the boxes (i only have six ) help please thank you.

  42. candycow says:

    i can’t get get cross and don’t get cross.. grrr.. the crosses are so hard..

    the get cross spoiler doesn’t make sense..

  43. Ciria says:

    I’ve done every levels but the last door doesn’t open… somebody knows why? (sorry for my english… I’m Swiss)

  44. Mike says:

    Spoiler For “Get Cross”


  45. Brett says:

    Can anyone help with “Unluckey For Everyone”!!!!! PLEZ

  46. noone says:

    nee help with switched on !!!!! how to push the box ??????

  47. noone says:

    switched on ??? need help please !!!!!!!!!

  48. Loopy says:

    Anyone here? I need help with Aaah push it. I cant get the last 2 souls where the skeletons are walking up and down the single lanes at the sides of the room. Can do everything else though.

  49. Loopy says:

    NVM just done it lol

  50. Rebecca says:

    how do u do the helpin hand one??