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Raze 3 by Sky9 Games is the latest in the series of your high octane action arena shooter. You’re a hardcore space marine, equipped with more weapons than an ice cream van with catchy melodies blaring out its speakers.

The Story

10 years ago the alien invasion left earth in ashes, so basically everything on the ground was obviously obliterated. This left the surviving humans with no choice but to build in the skies! (how clever!).

They immediately began to setup training programs, specially devised to train soldiers quickly (I heard it takes 7 years to become an architect? but in this reality it only takes 7 minutes to become a hardcore space marine!)

First impressions

You take on the role as a trainee space marine and your first campaign as a recruit is to show your commanding officer that you have what it takes to become a super soldier and access those gazillion weapons that are on offer. From first impressions i saw some nice touches, such as the ability to deflect rockets with just a swipe from your light saber type sword.

The controls do take some time getting used to, but the early campaigns are designed so much so, that you’ll be accustomed with the game in no time.

The Physics

You can say what you like about flash games being limited. But the raze games have taken this whole thing onto another level, millions of people can’t be wrong (have i heard this sales cliché before?). The unique physics are what defines this game, from every bullet shot from your gun to the way your enemies die, every limb moves, and the gun even fly’s from your foe’s hand, spinning elegantly through the air before taking a few delicate bounces and then deservedly reaching its resting place.


It’s rare that a flash game such as this has so much to offer. It is evident that Sky9 Games have put a hell of a lot of effort in this 3rd version, with many campaigns, weapons, achievement and awards to be had. The previous version in Raze 2 was supposedly very hard, with many gamers proclaiming that the final alien level was impossible.

Now there’s complaints that this version is too easy. I guess you cannot please everyone, despite being a little on the easy side, Raze 3 does offer a lot more game time than its predecessors and if your after something a little extra, then why not head over to hacked games and play raze 3 hacked.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.13


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