The Brain Drain Game

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The Brain Drain MachineThe Brain Drain Game is a quiz with a total of 20 levels in which you need to use your brain, your keyboard and your mouse. As mentioned by the author, “don’t be fooled if you fly through the first couple levels – it just keeps getting harder!” Every level has a solution (that sometimes doesn’t make any sense). Have fun!

Update: The Brain Drain Game walkthrough in comment #50 (thanks to Nicole nitrox, bob, Katelyn and krazy_kayaker!)

By Eric

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  1. Snowman says:

    Level 20 Solution
    Go onto the squares in order, and type these characters along the way

  2. rashid says:

    Can somebody tell me how to do level 10?? plze

  3. edwf says:

    lvl 18 – go on the box and type the numbers

  4. heaven says:

    on level 16 if you hold the up and down at the same time it keeps the light on and you can see what your doing.
    when you are holding the up and down keys you can still use the left and right and you can see as you move

  5. dookie says:

    I dont get level 11 ,what do you mean move the blocks too make a path?

  6. Zoe says:

    Has anyone got a good recommended game for a person who is bored? [me]

  7. Garlinoth says:

    I finished the game in like 10 minutes no help lol

  8. Tony says:

    Ok seriously i am stuck on level 18 and i have tried the 31415 in red in white backwards in red and white i have been on this trying to figure it out can anyone help me?

  9. helpee says:

    need help with number 10

  10. kimo says:

    6 PLZ

  11. E-BETHIAN says:


  12. E-BETHIAN says:

    15 is WAY too hard i dont get it

  13. E-BETHIAN says:

    this is how you do #10 you type in ”this” exactaly as it is

  14. Korryn says:

    I h8 lvl 19 help!!!!

  15. Twinblade says:

    :P for 11 click and drag blocks

  16. Twinblade says:

    How do you do 13? :(

  17. nfd says:

    how do level 12 !!!

  18. Annika says:

    I don#t know how i must make the I in level 17.
    Can anybody help me?

    I have a bad English sorry for this!

  19. Micky says:

    Is it the same password everytime??

    if so i need the password for level 17 plz

  20. D says:

    Need help and fast on 16. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Amanda says:

    what is the word for level 10

  22. bub says:

    on number ten type “this” without the “`s and you will win on 11 you click on the boxes and move them you can move them more than once

  23. someone says:

    ben-go outside the page, keep moving righ.the yellow dot is there

  24. someone says:

    StarFly- you have to make the i like with the middle column and then the side line part…like the other way to write a capital i?

    like… ___
    kind of…

  25. jacko says:

    sry nm gosh now it worked but wat about level 13?

  26. david kubera says:

    hey ME you have to type in THIS and the click green box

  27. david kubera says:

    hey guys push the CAPS LOCK button then push letters:c,a,p,s three times each

  28. david kubera says:

    hey jacko push letters h,i,j,k,l,m,n,and o threetimes each

  29. bob says:

    i cant do 18 ahhhhhhhhhh lol

  30. bob says:

    i got the ones at the bottom to go red but i cant do the rest plz help!?!

  31. Your Mama says:

    WAT DO I DO FOR LEVEL 6!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!

  32. brain drained says:

    LEVEL 10: Show

  33. hujko says:

    found glitch for level 16!!!
    hold up and down

  34. zeinic says:

    on lvl 16 u can hold the down button when u press up this way u dont move but u can move side to side……………. use your imagination

  35. EMILY says:


  36. NUMB says:

    anyone got the code for lvl 19?

  37. j-man says:

    i really need to know how to do 18
    ive made pi in red but nothing is happening!
    do i have to do something else?
    can someone please give me a really detailed description please

  38. plzz need help man says:

    i dont get lvl 10 i typed the answer but im still wrong lol plzz help me

  39. XxXmercyXxX says:

    i need help SOOOO BAD WITH NUMBER 12. i press the arrow keys but every time i press the frst one …. its says wrong blah blah u know what are the controls and how?????? do i type it in??????

    after u press spoiler read this — > u can beleeve me or not i dont care! :)

  40. Anonymous says:

    i cant spell the I in OHIO

  41. Fichte. da rula says:

    i’ve got the same problem as StarFly. The green I-Box won’t appear! what shall i do?!

  42. Fichte. da rula says:

    What U Should Know…




  43. MAnda says:


  44. kykt says:

    how do u get past level 3

  45. unknown says:

    i don’t get number 10 when i looked at the hint evry one said type the word: this exactally as it is then click the green square then move the yellow dot

  46. timberwolf says:

    how do i do lvl 16?



  48. brain drainiac says:

    what is the code for 17???

  49. Frazer M says:

    i’m stuck om level 1 plz help

  50. Frazer M says:

    sad really init