The Brain Drain Game

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The Brain Drain MachineThe Brain Drain Game is a quiz with a total of 20 levels in which you need to use your brain, your keyboard and your mouse. As mentioned by the author, “don’t be fooled if you fly through the first couple levels – it just keeps getting harder!” Every level has a solution (that sometimes doesn’t make any sense). Have fun!

Update: The Brain Drain Game walkthrough in comment #50 (thanks to Nicole nitrox, bob, Katelyn and krazy_kayaker!)

By Eric

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179 Comments to The Brain Drain Game

  1. Irakli says:

    where is sixth column in LEVEL 18???? Help please!!!!

  2. ur mom says:

    how do you move the green blocks in lvl 11

  3. cheesepuff says:

    i need helpon 17 the i wont work

  4. broink says:

    Gah! I can’t make the I on level 17.

    I have tried:


  5. broink says:

    Well, I solved the problem as I got it.



  6. Laura says:

    i cant get number 10, i dont know what to type into the box and i keep typing ‘this exactally as it is’ and i keeps telling me that i am wrong

  7. Jillian says:

    i am sooooooooo lost on #10 call me slow or stupid or whatever but i cannot get it!!!!!

  8. silva dolla citay rulz says:

    thank you soooooo much!!! it was soooooo helpful thank you!!!


    chain reactionShow

  9. hss says:

    Level 16: slightly easier

  10. Sallie Willing says:

    I need a little more help explaining number 12. PLEASE HELP!!!

  11. Chelsea says:

    i need help for level 3 its not working the space bar thing..HELP ME

  12. bailinbone15 says:

    umm… the tip for 18 doesnt work, and theres only 5 rows

  13. bob says:

    for level 15,Show

  14. bob says:

    18???? dont get it

  15. james says:

    why can’t i go throught 10! i typed this exactly as it is and got nothing!

  16. Blake12 says:

    aww man i type in this is exacly as it is but it says im rong???? hellpp mmmmeeeeee!!!

  17. dezzy says:

    how do i get past lvl 4 coz i dont get it

  18. selra says:

    i cant get 10 i type in “this exactally as it is” and it just says you can do better than this

  19. James says:

    @ lost level 10ers.



    Nothing like making it more complicated than it is…

  20. Jake.s. says:

    I know how to get past level 8! Go to the left, which is the thin wall, and then you’ll see the yellow dot. Happy Playing!

  21. PWN says:

    lol just press ALT+F4 and u can skip to level 20

  22. Isan says:

    A tip for 18 (not just the answer)

    slight help:

    more help:

    even more:

  23. Peter Hansen says:

    a hint for lvl 16:


  24. sara says:

    omg emily i beat 15!!!!

  25. Karley Power says:

    I still dont get 10!!!! wat EXACTLY do u type???? SOOO CONFUSED!!! lol

  26. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo bingo says:

    with 17 you need to do the capital I in the middle row

  27. Sal says:

    what is level 17?
    it’s soooo comfusing

  28. amy says:

    help im stuck on number 5!!

  29. katelyn says:

    i cant get level 18….

  30. Bouncy Boy says:

    hey guys i know the answer to level 8. Show

  31. Bouncy Boy says:

    wanna know the code for level 16? Show

  32. Bouncy Boy says:

    guys i know the solution for level 20 and the code Show

  33. Bouncy Boy says:

    I have the solution for number 5. Show

  34. Bouncy Boy says:

    level 10 is easy. Show

  35. Michelle says:

    How Do you use the code to skip a level? it wont work

  36. crabii says:

    i’ve spent like 15 mins on level 14 but i just cant get the circle in the middle can someone help.?

  37. Britney says:

    i really am confused on what to type on lvl 10 lol

  38. Isabel says:

    on level 15 it says find the locks before you find the keys …i found the look but WHERE ARE THE KEYS!!!!!?????

  39. Moses says:

    Thanks, Eric! I beat Brain Drain because of those who gave the walkthrough!

  40. Ben says:

    ok. 20 didnt do anything when i got to the end so?????? i typed in the last letter or number of each code and theres one more green box

  41. Angie says:

    hey, i still dont get how to do 19… help anyone?

  42. Angie says:

    Yes, i beat it!! thnks for the help that was posted. good luck!!

    hint: dont forget to write down the codes!!


  43. domi says:

    i need help wot do i type for level 10

  44. goodie says:

    hey thx all of u for helping me complete this game!it is hard for what im concern anyway thx for ur continious help.toodles!

  45. Alex says:

    For “Lights Off” Level 16,


  46. Annel says:

    for lvl 10 you type “this” and then click the green square

  47. squid boy says:

    for help with the maze, try holding down while up…you can still move sideways…xD i so smart…

  48. I beat it. thx 4 the hints

  49. lololololololo says:

    help me *level 18……………plz……..

  50. david says:

    i dont get level 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!