Esklavos – Coven Escape 2

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Coven Escape 2

Coven Escape 2 continues where Coven Escape ended in this new installment in the Room Escape series from Esklavos.

Escape the coven by solving puzzles to find four keys.

Us the four colored keys to open the portal.

Have fun!

Coven Escape 2 Walkthrough

Thanks WonderWorm

By White Wolf

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3 Comments to Esklavos – Coven Escape 2

  1. shipra says:

    Got white Blue & Rd keys …..can’t gt d yellow key…HELP…

    • Jeff says:

      To get the yellow key…you have to light the candles in the order that’ on the paper and pull the chain between the statues that have fire in their hands…if you do it right, the eyes should light up in order and eventually drop the key

  2. WonderWorm says: