MouseCity – Vortex Point 3: Lake Monsters

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Vortex Point 3 Lake Monsters

Vortex Point 3: Lake Monsters is another Point’n’click Adventure game from MouseCity.

Last night a man named Tom Martin has vanished from the Vortex Lake Hotel.

The hotel owner believes the lake monster ate him.

Is it possible though that the true monster lives on land rather than in water?

Have fun!

Vortex Point 3: Lake Monsters Walkthrough

Thanks justsaying

By White Wolf

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6 Comments to MouseCity – Vortex Point 3: Lake Monsters

  1. aram says:

    how can i open the door ? (the door that appears after lightening the skull )

  2. hilman says:

    it seems you don’t need key for the suitcase… did the creator forget about this one? ;)

  3. alveena says:

    i am stuck after when you see that the hotel guy ate your burger. plz help?

  4. #justsaying says:


    1. After the ” blahblahblah ” with your team go immediately to Vortex Hotel.
    2. Talk to the souvenir shop man
    3. Talk to the man inside the hotel then get two keys ( room 1 & 2 )
    4. Room 1. you will find Toms suitcase
    5. click the pillow and you will have the remote of the TV
    6. Press the faucet and a number appear on the mirror
    7. Go to Room 2. Use the remote on the TV and you will get the vortex burger hotline number.
    8. Get the tissue
    9. Go down and outside. Head to Vortex Pier
    10. Dial the burger hotline # on the Payphone booth.
    11. go back to your office and click the girl( your office mate )so that she will give you a 4$.
    12. head back to hotel-souvenir shop and give your 4$ to the guy. in return he will give you a lighter and you can use the toilet now.
    13. throw the tissue to the toilet.
    14. GO out and inform the guy that the toilet has been clogged.
    15. the guy will go inside the toilet room. click the fish and you will find behind it a locked cabinet/vault
    16. go back to the Hotel.. now you know who eat your burger :)
    click the picture and you will find another vault. key in the number appeared on the mirror and you’ll have your key. remember the picture behind the old man. you will use that later.
    17. head back to the souvenir shop and use the key. you’ll have the clue+the key to the boat
    18. Head to vortex pier. use the key. the code is shown on the paper. you just do the math thing :)
    19. use your lighter on the skull
    20. the code to the cave ( picture behind the old man who eat your burger )
    tsadan.. you will find Tom.