The Bonte Room 2

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Bart Bonte has just released yesterday The Bonte Room 2, a brand new and easy Room Escape game! The first episode was released in December last year. Both games require only logical actions.

With nice stylized graphics and only 88 KB to download, these two short Room Escape games are perfect for refreshing your mind during a 20 minute break.

Look closely and think wisely!

The Bonte Room The Bonte Room The Bonte Room 2 The Bonte Room 2

By Eric

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49 Comments to The Bonte Room 2

  1. Eric says:

    The Bonte Room 2 walkthrough…

  2. zozz says:

    can’t you put out a walkthrough to the 1:st game?

  3. Surina says:

    Yes, I love walkthroughs

  4. Eric says:

    Bonte Room walkthrough

  5. Amanda says:

    putting the wire over the fire place doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( i’m stuck help me plzzz

  6. Sam says:

    How do I… Show

  7. Marvin says:

    Congratulations! You have successfully escaped the BONTE room!
    As a matter of fact, the number of minutes it took you to complete
    the BONTE room is: 0

    Yay ^^

  8. xixi says:

    the drink machine won’t work! i used the code, but nothing’s hapening!

  9. > says:

    What’s the niche of the fireplace? >

  10. Emilie says:

    what do i do now ?? i fed the bird and nothing happened ? i clicked on the door after feeding the bird and im still not out ? whats up ? someone please help!!!!! ive fed this dumb bird 10 times now!

  11. lafedal says:

    how do i do the dog hop i dont get the 121

  12. A says:

    how do i turn on the fireplace???

  13. Julirose says:

    hahahaha… I have finished the game!!! Bonte 1 and 2… Hooray for me!!!

  14. Da Revolver says:

    i gave the bird te peanuts and nothing worked.

  15. NoHoJay says:

    Heres the deal with the bird and the peanuts


  16. christen says:

    I can not turn on the stove and I am mad!!!!

  17. daniel says:

    Here is the game in a nut shell.


  18. Roxy says:

    I have fed the bird several times with roasted peanuts… I still can’t get out help

  19. Jeremy & Nick says:

    u have to put the wire in the fan and make it sharp then u poke the cactus then u dip the roasted peanuts then u give it to the birdie

  20. Joe Grace says:

    The code for the safe in bonte room 1 is Show

  21. taylor says:

    u guys forgot about using the sharp wire on the cactus and then dipping the nuts in its milk and then roasting it. guys that is y it didn’t work.

  22. taylor says:

    o i got beat to it didn’t see dat spoiler

  23. kimme says:

    hm i gave the bird his peanuts with the cactusmilk but nothing helps can somebody help me

  24. chris says:

    comon! u guys can do it!! I’M OUT! yay

  25. Kala says:

    I am out of the 2nd one. Yay!!!!!!!!!! In your face. I am just kidding. I couldnt get the first game because the coke machine didnt work. Oh Kimmie you have to roast the peanuts after all that.

  26. Cuz says:

    where do you find the code for the soda machine?

  27. ghdjskfgh says:

    All you have to do is Show

  28. nikka says:

    how d u get a cd?

  29. helena says:

    i can’t find the coin!!!!!!!!!plz help mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. alice says:


    And in the future, whining and stretching out a page is NOT, i repeat NOT! going to help us help you. it’s just going to annoy us.

  31. Armingo says:

    Nothing really to do with particular game, but does anybody have problem:
    When you go to type Bonte, do you automatically type Bronte? As in the author?

  32. Confused Gamer says:

    What is the niche for the fireplace? I dont understand that part. :|

  33. Britt says:

    The doghop game is the code because

  34. roxi says:

    this is soooooooooooooo anoying eric the part where you said to get the power drink isnt working exactly how do you get it

  35. roxi says:

    whats a niche on the fire place?

  36. Eric says:

    oh well you have to use the fan to cut the wire before you jab the cactus

  37. alexandria says:

    how do u turn on the fire place i tried it dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. alexandria says:

    oh i got it i wz mizzing a step!!

  39. kendall says:

    omg i cant use the soda machine! help!!!!!

  40. kendall says:

    nevermind. i got it!

  41. mmr says:


  42. emmerson says:

    how do you turn the fire place on it hard

  43. kendall says:

    i won. ;)

  44. donna says:

    so the bird gives you the key, you have to soak the peanuts in cactus milk first than pick them back up go roast them, give them to bird and he will give you the key your out

  45. maddie says:

    someone help me the coke machine doesnt work.

  46. Julia says:

    Ok, here is the walkthrough Show

  47. gina says:

    i cant turn on the fire place thing!

  48. nathan says:

    i did bonte room 2 in one minute my second time