Choko-Chai – Escape From The Dome

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Escape From The Dome

Escape From The Dome is the latest Room Escape game from Choko-Chai, the author of the Three Cats series.

Your on vacation at a resort when you find a strange dome building.

When you get close, it pulls you inside!

Now you must search for clues and solve puzzles to escape!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.97


2 Comments to Choko-Chai – Escape From The Dome

  1. Hilman says:

    i miss the 3 cats more..

    anyway, not so great game, but still entertaining though.. all puzzles are logic, unless one annoying thing when Show

  2. dg says:

    There’s an error in the clue to the door Show

    The door code is Show