HoodaMath – Find HQ: Space Lab

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Find HQ Space Lab

Find HQ: Space Lab is the latest in the Find HQ series of Room Escape Puzzle games from HoodaMath.

You are a member of a secret club.

The headquarters is somewhere on the Space Lab.

Look around and find clues to help you find HQ.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.28


7 Comments to HoodaMath – Find HQ: Space Lab

  1. Toxic says:

    Buggy :-/

  2. tonepoet says:

    After I unlocked the room with the gold key and went about the rest of the game, I could never re-enter. It kept saying that the room was locked and I needed a gold key even after I had already been in there. I have the 3 crystals, already opened that room and went in, and am at the last step. Not cool.

    • White Wolf says:

      I just played it again without a problem. I did see one thing. The first door said locked with a gold key but when you replace the pipe, that door opens without the key. It’s the next door that needs the gold key. Small bug but I can see what your saying.

      • tonepoet says:

        Pipe is there, everything’s done (even watched a walkthrough to see if there was something that I missed). No such luck. Bummer, I kind of like the Hoodamath games of late.

    • Hunger Games says:

      How do you get the gold key?