Roof Esc

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Roof EscRoof Esc is – guess what? – a new Japanese Room Roof Escape game all written in Japanese. The air in your building is contaminated (well, it’s a guess because I don’t read Japanese) and you are now stuck on the roof. Using the elevator to escape down may not be a good idea? Have fun!

Update: Roof Esc walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks Emma!) 

By Eric

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24 Comments to Roof Esc

  1. ashley says:


  2. ashley says:

    ok…i found something else…

  3. ashley says:


  4. longshot says:

    Got 2 Show

    Put 3 Show

    and a 4th one Show

    The middle bench has Show

  5. TwinsFather says:

    You have to find a screwdriver

  6. SAS says:

    Putting the planks on the ground Show

  7. goldie says:

    Code is here Show

  8. Ann says:

    Srewdriver on roof

  9. Ann says:

    use scewdriver on grey hole on bench

  10. Ann says:

    Im stuck…….help!

  11. gandalf says:

    god, this game is terrible!

    and “srewdriver on roof” is really funny too!

  12. gandalf says:

    So where on the roof is the screwdriver?

  13. AgiHammerklau says:

    screwdriver :

  14. Emma says:

    Haha… yeah that is funny! =D



    and i agree… this game really is awful! =]

  15. Emma says:

    Woohoo… escaped! =D

    Heres a rough walkthrough…


    Hope thet helps =] but i really didnt enjoy this game!

  16. Roy says:


  17. Roy says:

    sorry for not hide it , i try.. dont understand i guess how to do it )-:

    Edit: Roy, wrap your comments in the (spoiler) (/spoiler) tags – Replace ‘(‘ and ‘)’ with ‘[‘ and ‘]’. Oh, and use the preview button, it helps!

  18. katastrophic says:

    that was sooo lame

  19. gandalf says:

    so how do get the code? i saw no hints what so ever

  20. gandalf says:

    never mind…

  21. otacsaf says:

    i have no sense of accomplishment with this one. what a waste of time. oh, well. :)

  22. DNOMN8R says:

    dang this game was pretty bad. not the worst though

  23. Alexandra says:

    The code is Show

    Hope this helps

  24. Yuki says:

    u get the code at the beginning Show