Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Bloons Tower Defense 2Bloons Tower Defense 2Bloons Tower Defense 2 is now live!

The sequel to Bloons Tower Defense made by Ninjakiwi comes with 3 new maps – easy, medium and hard, one new tower type, some new upgrades, and two brand new items that you can put on the road in case some bloons manage to escape.

There are also two new bloon types to struggle with and if you are already a Bloons TD fan, I doubt Bloons Tower Defense 2 will make you rethink your position.

Prepare yourself for lots of fun and hours of popping bloons!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


70 Comments to Bloons Tower Defense 2

  1. 513AJ513 says:

    THIS GAME IS EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Azzz says:

    Can’t pass level 47 on Med Mode, though. Any hints?

  3. Louise says:

    Can’t pass level 41 on easy mode…

    I must forget something… Yet I’m really good at Desktop tower defense… :-(

  4. Snowman says:

    Woohoo! Easy mode rules, you feel like you’re doing well.

  5. Matrick says:

    How do you do to win Easy Mode ?
    The one was easy, but on this one, I always loose on 35-40 level :(
    Wich tower an upgrade do you choice to win ?


  6. guest123 says:

    is there any end of the game?

  7. hello says:

    are there any cheats i need cheats i suck i cant make is past lvl 30 in easy

  8. hello says:

    easy and medium not so hard only used cannons and dart monkeys upgrade them to max and put some dart monkeys first to get the black balloons. Anyone won the hard one???

  9. d3rval says:

    agreed : easy and med are quite easy.
    but i can’t finish hard mode, i died once on wave 49 :'(, using cannons (2 upgrades), boomrang (1st upgrade only), and tacks (for blacks balloons)

    i’ll finish it :D

  10. littlekatie says:

    i lost on lvl 47 on easy, but i had 2 super monkeys, 2 cannons (with big bombs) and about 10 regular monkeys with the good darts…i didn’t have any tacks or any boomerangs, but i couldn’t find any good places for my super monkeys, whichs is probably why i lost

  11. d3rval says:

    Yeeepeee !
    I finished the hard mode :)
    And… without super monkey


  12. murk says:

    I thought hard was much easier than medium for some reason… beat hard with
    all 50 lives and money to spare. here is my set up on hard.

  13. yo mamma says:

    this is easier than the first 1 but i cant get passed lvl 45

  14. lt3 says:

    i easily beat tower defense one, and have beat easy and medium easily on tower defense 2. but on hard i just cant seem to beat it. ive only gotten to level 32!

  15. Killa says:

    I really enjoyed that game, i beat easy and medium. But hard was…hard!

  16. Melody says:

    I liked the game!
    I thought that it was easy and very fun!
    For easy and medium levels….


    I hope that it helps!

  17. Alex says:

    I beat medium with only 4 monkeys, 2 boomerang, 3 cannons, 3 spike shooters and an ice ball. It was easy enough, just had to spam tacks on the black bloons cuz my strong point was the cannons at my freeze choke point. Spam black bloons with the tacks, gets rid of those pesky buggers.

  18. John says:

    Can some tell me how to beat the medium level. The furthest I made it was to level 43. Can you please tell or show me what things to buy and if I should upgrade those things I do buy.

  19. chandler says:

    easy mode Show

  20. Halverson says:

    I made it only a ways in easy mode. Show

  21. Halverson says:

    I did beat easy mode. I’ll tell you what I did.

  22. Halverson says:

    I beat hard withShow

  23. Bob Smith says:

    The Dude-November 3, 2007
    Hey if you wanna know how to beat med and easy keep lookin if not avert the eyes


  24. Bob Smith says:

    The Dude-November 3, 2007

    This is for Med difficulty, again if you wanna know keep reading, if not look away.


  25. Bob Smith says:

    The Dude- November 3, 2007


  26. bob says:

    The solution to hard is this….


  27. Bob Smith says:

    Hey Bob it worked! That was awesome! Thanks so much!

  28. bob says:

    I got very very obsessed with this game… It ruled my life till I solved it. Glad to be of help :)

  29. W says:

    Can you explain better what spots you mean by ‘right’ and ‘left’ please? Thanks.

  30. bob says:

    Sure… if you look at the picture of the screenshot above these comments… The channels I am talking about are these…

    1) Just below the bloon popping on the left (and above the b and l of the word bloons)

    2) Just below the 5 green bloons on the upper right of the screenshot.

  31. W says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks for the help, Bob!


  32. sydney says:

    Tip to bust frozen black bloons

  33. dghjgdj says:

    how do you do the set up for hard on the begining?

  34. Katie says:

    Is there any cheats? I am having issues with Medium level. too used to the easy level!! The easy level is really… easy. The trick in easy is to a.) only buy what you need, 2.) always upgrade your monkeys to the max, and 3.) when you have enough, sell a bunch of towers to get the Super Monkey because it’s awesome. But seriously, HOW DO YOU PASS MEDIUM LEVEL!!

  35. bob says:

    Katie – if you follow the rules I put up for the hard level above – you can complete any of the levels using that method.

  36. Muskar says:

    I was using the method of bob, as far as I understood it, but it just wont work.

  37. Muskar says:

    The ‘Black Shadow’-setup worked fine, with 3500 money and 20 lives left at completion.

  38. toffdaddy says:

    i just beat med mode all the way to lvl 50. just remember super monkeys are a waste of $$$ i did it with 10 cannons (upgraded with bigger bombs.), 4 freeze balls*( upgraded w/ longer freeze time) 4 tack shooters ( upgraded w/ faster shooting. ) im not gonna give the spoiler on how to actually beat it, but placement along with right combinations are very important. For example. at the main start. i have a freezeball, then a tackshooter, then a cannon. Freezeball freeezes them to give me some time, my tack shooter pops those black balloons or anything i might have missed, and the cannon blows up the frozen one. last hint. those road spikes are your best friend, trust me on that!!!! now can soemone help me out wth hard?

  39. Gerardo says:

    The hard level is impossible!!!

  40. bob says:

    Ok – a few pics to go with the guide I put up upthread. I wasn’t concentrating and lost all the lives on level 39 incidentally.. you should probably place spikes at the start of some levels (33,34, 39 and 50 are good examples)…

    The first 6 purchases – all upgraded once…

    Purchases at level 31 – all upgraded to piercing, multitarget and bigger bombs (no range upgrades as described above)

    The last level in motion! N.B. pre-placed spikes

    That elusive gold medal…

  41. Muskar says:

    I beat it with my Black Shadow method as I spoiled in my first reply
    I only lose lives in level 10 and below btw (that is if I use all my money). The rest is easy with that setup.

    Since I completed both easy, medium and hard I had some fun:

    Notes about the pictures.

    If you really wanna know it, here goes:

  42. Julie says:

    bob, you are wonderful. Thank you for helping me beat this latest time-waster.

  43. Tyler says:

    I beat the game on easy, but had to use a ton of road spikes.

  44. bob says:

    Ok guys. Here it is. The perfect set up. Remember – only the left hand upgrades!!

  45. coocoo says:

    is there any cheats?

  46. killer says:

    its so hard hard mode

  47. bob says:


    Honestly if you follow the instructions I have put up above and look at the pics in posts 40 and 44 – its not too hard at all…

  48. JIM says:

    Listen to bob on post 40 (IT REALLY WORKS)

  49. JIM says:

    put ou road spikes on level 49……. i had 50 livees after the first 48 levels and i won with 7 lives left(i lost all of my lives all 43 lives on level 49) STACK ROAD SPIKES ON LEVEL 49

  50. JEJ says:

    Dammit Died at the last level