Nightmares, the Adventures – Episode 4

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Nightmares, the Adventures 4Nightmares, the AdventuresNightmares, the Adventures is a Point’n’Click adventures series aimed for a young audience originally created by Sarbakan for Radio-Canada.

In each installment, you must help the young Victor to overcome his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that he can sleep in peace!

In this fourth episode, Victor finds himself locked in a cell with the worst thief ever, Rob. R. How Victor will get out of this nightmare?

Have fun!

Nightmares, The Adventures 4 walkthrough
(thanks jesus puncher!)

By Eric

current rating 4.07


24 Comments to Nightmares, the Adventures – Episode 4

  1. Bubba says:

    Great game, harder than the previous three, can’t wait for number five to be in English.

  2. romy says:

    i can’t get farder
    does anyone got a walktrough?
    greets romario

  3. Josesita says:

    i am stuck!!… dont know what to do with the guard!!

    • gabi says:

      you have to go to one of the rooms upstairs and go behind the monkey picture on the wall then you pull down on the switch

  4. jesus puncher says:



  5. Rachel says:

    BTW, ppls, The codes are hardly ever the same twice, so you actually have to read them in the game.

  6. anonimus says:

    why don`t the codes work??i can`t ever put the second code it says it`s wrong

  7. chuckyboy says:

    I don’t now what to do in the lizard please help me!!!
    please reply to this because i don’t now what to do!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    why won’t it let me put the third code in, the one near the robot’s chair.

  9. Another awesome series to Nightmare: The Adventures. My only bicker would be the game at the end. One or two bulbs would be enough. Having 4/5 just takes away the enjoyment and wonder.

  10. leo says:

    this games are damm good!!!!!
    keep up the good work!!!

  11. Loes says:

    I did everything, but the game won’t stop?

  12. Luchia Nanami says:

    to “anonimus”, the code always change. to get a right code, you have to follow the dirrection (when u meet banker) and get your OWN code. Hope that’s help.

  13. xantia ira logroño says:

    plz.. can someone knew the walktrough or a clue it`s so hard…

  14. libra says:

    this game is crazy fun but im stuck on where i have the money from the banker this pink thing and a flash light what am i going to do somebody please help!!!!

  15. hussain aka victor says:

    i dont know how to complete the second game! can anyone help me i will give you agame website!please!

  16. namita says:

    wow! nice game but can’t go further!!!!!!!!!

  17. anton says:

    hey i know

    i dont know how to get out in adventure 5

  18. dominique maduro says:

    uhmm…how can i know the code in the second ??

  19. Dom says:

    so hard to do keyboard part

  20. Xiaofishball says:


    Play the game.

  21. lovelyme says:

    I don’t understand how to play the crazy twisted finger game :( Can anybody explain what is meant by ‘use the right button’. What button? I can’t use the right mouse button. Please help :'(