School Wars

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School WarsSchool WarsAfter Dice Wars that inspired the very popular multiplayer game kdice, here is School Wars, a new real-time strategy game released at Gamedesign by the Japanese game designer Taro Ito.

After you choose your own school color, your goal here is to annihilate all the others schools students!

The game seems to have no instructions, so here is what I’ve deduced so far:

  • Each school starts the game with three units on its base.
  • To command a unit, simply click it and then click a target (an enemy unit) or a destination square.
  • To select multiple units to command, click and drag a box around the units you wish to move.
  • Try to control as much spade and hearts squares as you can: the more territories you control, the faster you get new units.
  • Click and drag the rectangle in the small window located in the bottom right corner of the screen to explore the entire map and locate all your enemies.

If School Wars is very well done, the game suffers from the same problem as Dice Wars: the AI is terrible and it’s very, very hard to lose against the computer!

That being said, I really enjoyed this single player version while I played it, but because of the AI, the game has no real replay value. I wonder how successful School Wars would be with a multiplayer mode …

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.13


41 Comments to School Wars

  1. Maddiness says:

    first yay. but i don’t get it o.O seems cool anyway

  2. Duero says:

    Game definitely has a learning curve to it. I think it’s cool that they included different effects for each of the school colors, like green get units faster, black has a lot of health, don’t know what purple and yellow do yet.

    • PT says:

      Green= quick spawn
      Black= dominating punch
      Yellow= Super health but low spawn rate
      Purple= all equal
      You can win with black or purple and if you try really hard u can with green but with yellow its nearly impossible.

      • Alesalad says:

        I’ve won the game with all the colours and I must say Green is the hardest.

        This is what I grasped while playing:

        Green: Low health but faster spawn and larger “army size”
        Yellow: Larger health
        Purple: Stronger punch (more damage)
        Black: all rounders

        The spades are needed to have a larger potential army (each spade give +2 units to the army max, i think. and for green it’s +4 or so i need to check)
        Hearts are needed to recover health

        If you have better suggestions, I’m open to them :)

  3. Duero says:

    Now I know, purple are the best fighters, and yellow regenerate health if they rest on a heart square.

  4. Sixx says:

    I won…reading the description I thought it was far more difficult…nice game, though

  5. Duero says:

    Green is hard to play, unless you control most of the map with green, you are screwed.

  6. geo says:

    green is da best

  7. kei says:

    nice game! i always use the black team for they have lot of health! =p i never lose when i use them .. or is it the AI that is weak? lolz.. wish they will improve this game! to much more interesting! like multiplayer or other special skill

  8. piloto says:

    The game was cool… yeah! it’s really cool. But I always lose when it comes to the final battle well I’m gonna keep trying coz it’s really cool!!!
    hope this will help you choose your favorite

    Black- they got all lot of hp second to colour yellow and does hit hard second to purple.

    Yellow- Got the highest hp but didn’t hit that hard.

    Purple- didn’t got that much hp but does hit the hardest punch.

    Green- the fastest colour to get new units but has the least hp and least punch damage.

    by the way my favorite colour is black!!!

  9. piloto says:

    Finaly!!! i won!!! two sraight wins!!!

  10. Geo says:

    I used yellow. Red lost first, but they kicked our butts in the process, i only had three spots left and two guys. lucky for me, the other remaining two sent all their mens for one spot., i was able to make six more mens, and sneaked around the big fight to gain spots that were abandoned, tok three of ’em, got more troops, and eventually won the game

  11. trickshot11 says:

    i wish you could keep your units from moving on ya

  12. asdffdsa1 says:

    I think all hearts regenerate health as long as they’re yours. I still haven’t won this game, because yellow has too much health. How can you get more health or hit power?

  13. asdffdsa1 says:

    No, wait. Never mind. I just pwned the whole board with Yellow. First thing I did was move straight to Black and get them one by one, then I got a bunch of squares and concentrated on purple in the process, then it was me against green, their only attribute being that they respawn fast. Yellow is pretty awesome, if you take out black first while they’re sitting on their first square. Purple is next, get them with sheer numbers, and then go all-out on green.

  14. gamer says:

    wat team should i use and what should i go for in wat order??? [liike who should i kill first and where to go and stufff??? any1 got ideas?

  15. Zozoken says:

    There happens to be an illustrated instruction manual that comes with the offline version of the game, which can be downloaded from the official website. (Clicking on my name will take you to the English link.) I will simply copy and paste it here, with some minor re-wording. Other than improved graphics, it is the same as the html flash version. Here are the instructions:


  16. DENYER says:

    i used purple and was really easy … only 1 lvl 2

  17. JUNAID says:


  18. Snowman says:

    I have a question. Should I just wait for them to Show

  19. machine says:

    no, snowman, all other teams are gay, they will only team on you!

  20. Mitch says:

    Its really easy. Just target one colour right away and leave green till everyone else is gone. green just kant keep up with the health and power of the other colours. It is a wicked fun game but it should definatly be multiplayer or somthing. its really addictive too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :);)

  21. Blaster says:

    LOL!!! WHO said green stinks?? I defeated black and purple with green. Its just those annoying yellows that hav too much health. 20 greens vs 8 yellows approx and they fought for 15 min no result lol.

  22. Blaster says:

    YELLOW IS SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!! ITS SO HARD TO KILL EM. Any tips on killing em??

  23. Ro says:

    mkay heres a tip: if you are not playing green (rly dont play green. yes they make quik but 2 punches and ur out) as soon as the game starts, get all your men over there to there little home square and kill all of them so that leaves you with just two teams to conquer

  24. Al says:

    Best strategy is gain a stronghold, a few spades and a heart and make your units stick around there. Fight in groups and any units low on health, gain them health by sitting on the heart of your color or your home. Your units will get larger life bars and the other teams will be battling upon themselves. Eventually your units will be much better being that their life bars are so huge. Protect them when they get low on health and the game will be a lot more fun to go and eventually wipe out whoever is left. I prefer to play purple but black and yellow are fun too.

  25. marco says:


    you have many squares…………………

    green worst if you fight pruple first battle.
    green good if you fought black first battle.
    green bad if you fought yellow first battle.

    purple good by anything you have fought.
    (with 6 purple guys in square easy kill 11 yellows)

    black worst if you fought purple in first battle.
    black good if you fought green in the first battle.
    black bad if you fought yellow in the first battle.

    yellow worst if you fought purple in the first battle.
    yellow good if you fought green in the first battle.
    yellow bad if you fought black in the first battle.

    (first battle=earlier

  26. Mellow says:

    thanks zozoken, really useful manual. I already discovered that some areas healed. I won with black, just micro-ing my way around like I was used to with warcraft 3.

    A useful tactic:
    First just gain a stronghold (like AI said) and protect them from both side (down/up and left/right). Then when you want to expand, get enough of your man ready to move and fight and steal the squares. If you can’t steal squares because you’re fighting, take one men out and steal the squares with him while the rest is fighting. I eventually did this with 2 men they became my “special tag team” :P

  27. ChuggaChugga says:

    Getting a stronghold really fast is good and once you have one you should look for lone blacks and greens so that you can level up your troops , then move them to the heart square for health.

  28. Anna says:

    How do you move out of your little corner? I can’t see past the bit I was first put in and I can tell who’s fighting who. It’s so damn annoying

  29. Michael says:

    This is addictive!
    I managed to win with all colors, except green.. can they win?

  30. required says:

    @28 Anna, click on the map to see a different section.

  31. egoprodboy says:

    good game XD

  32. swaggking50 says:

    i love the game its alot of but the game is hard because black and purlpe has short health and green and yellow has long health

  33. Noaman says:


  34. joaquin says:

    black is the best green is the whackest

  35. Scizor says:

    Color / HP / Power / Respawn rate
    Yellow / High HP / Low power / Average respawn rate

    Black / Average HP / Average power / Average respawn rate

    Purple / Low HP / High power / Average respawn rate

    Green / Very low HP / Low power / High respawn rate

  36. AbCd says:

    Someone kwow where can i download the game “small tactics”
    because it dissapear from

  37. Torrezx says:

    This is what I’ve noticed between the clans. Yellow can beat all the rest of the colors. With there high health if you manage to get a lot of spades and hearts you can easily win. Black comes 2nd because they don’t really have a weakness.But they do pack a punch. Purple is tied with black but is way easier to defeat since they don’t have any true strengths. So that puts purple in 3rd. And last green. There numbers are extremely high. for every 1 spade i noticed that they gain 2 new units. Not 1 like every one else. But there health is EXTREMELY LOW. It takes about 3 to take down 1 Black unit and 4 to take down 1 yellow unit. Now if you manage to take 70% of the map with green. there may be a chance you can win. In my opinion if you wanna win and win fast i would go with yellow. If you wanna make a fair game,Purple or Black. If you wanna lose. Green

  38. Mahatma Kane says:

    Agree that Green is the toughest to win with. You really need to gang up 3-on-1 to kill other colors. It’s also the most annoying to play against, as they just keep coming I like when Green is in the far corner and harasses the other colors.

    I hadn’t realized the difference between the Hearts and Spades. That’s a big help, as before I was sending worn-down guys back to home base to recharge. So it’s important to capture and stake out some Hearts for recharging.

    I’m finding it now pretty easy to win almost every time with any of the other three colors. Sometimes two colors will form an alliance for a time and sit next to each other on the same squares without fighting. Especially annoying when they protect one guy from a color you are trying to wipe out.
    Q: Is it possible for you to form an alliance with another color?
    Doesn’t seem possible, though soemtimes they don’t start the fight.

    • GioRgi says:

      purple is the best, I have won this game 24 times with purple, with plach 15 times with yellow 4 times, with green 2 times, its hard to win with green