5 Differences

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5 Differences5 Differences is a nice and original spot-the-differences Flash game created by Case Hollingsworth. Find the 5 differences between the original animation, left, and the altered one, right. You better get your fingers ready for some serious clicking! Have fun!

5 Differences walkthrough (thanks Sams!)

By Eric

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  1. sk8erpunk97 says:

    there is 1 more but i cant get it its in the first lvl

  2. sk8erpunk97 says:

    omg! the mans legs arnt different now there is 1 left and i cant get it!!!!!!

  3. Tyler says:

    Fun but challenging

  4. Tyler says:

    Sk8rpunk97,look on the saying”Differences”. See if there’s an O instead of a C on the word.

  5. Benjy112 says:

    MAn thats a cool game… beat it it has 15

  6. lana says:

    stuck on level with park area regulations….

  7. Brad says:

    Lvl 5 Show

  8. jen says:

    people! it changes every time time!!!

  9. NATHAN says:

    Can anyone tell me the difference i’m not seeing?!@
    Jeeezz i’ve looked at all the hints and there not working..

  10. J says:

    What we need is a database of *all* the possible changes on each level… This latest time through, I was sure the guy was going to fall by the time I found the last difference on level 7, and I never had trouble on that one before.

  11. nate says:

    i needed help but lv 5 info sucks (not enough detail)

  12. Bef with an f says:

    I finally beat this game after like a million tries. Yay! I loved it. He should totally make sequel.

  13. Adrian says:


  14. Sams says:

    Five Differences walkthrough… (remember it changes sometimes…)



  15. ineedhelpwiththisgame says:

    What do i need to do on lvl 8, i’ve done EVERYTHING!!!!!

  16. Leigh Anne says:

    I im stuck in level 5 please help me!Eneaways there is a blob on level 5.

  17. Wy says:

    Yes!!!! I’m DONE!! Finally!

  18. Holy crap the Lambada symbol from halflife is in the one with the dude hanging off the bridge!!!!!

  19. bob says:

    so hard. beat it twice. i think they changed it. i cant get past the the guy hangin off the bridge. i got the symbol, the cloud, the 2 bulidings. usually the tag is different and there is a missing bolt on the bridge. any help?

  20. skylar says:

    the side walk one peice missing

  21. trixetango says:

    this is a spoiler the first level. Show

  22. trixetango says:

    hi u can meet me at giggleberry the sever at the quad. my name is trixetango. if u see me say hi trixetango. and if u need help with anything ill help you. and u may even be added. i am a member. bye

  23. trixetango says:

    i your a cat lover or just like cats. and u have one. the best place to put the cat is in the window

  24. trixetango says:

    lvl one park spoiler. the man. the birds on tree. the first crack on the sidewalk. shadow of the tree. tree branch near the birds. the letter c in differences. top of building that has two points.

  25. trixetango says:

    lvl 2 paint watching spoilerShow

    socks of guy with glasses. sidewalk. one pack of paint can or both paint cans. guy standing too far. building top.

  26. trixetango says:

    lvl 5 spoiler.Show

    point on the traffic light. one of the bridge pieces is missing. grass near bridge. some of the rocks. some of the cat tails. shadow under bridge.

  27. alex says:

    unch i beat it bby!!! oh yhh! it only took me like 3 months but i did it. (no help) !!!!! Show

  28. Ultimateboy says:

    lol the secret too this game random clicking lol

  29. helpmeplease says:

    cant beat man hanging off bridge got the heart shadow sign help me please!!!

    • Captain Wafer says:

      Check clouds, rivets along the bridge, reflection of buildings and the actual buildings. Also, part of the heart drips.

  30. Boolie says:

    Only got 2 of the 5 in the swamp, this is very hard on the eyes, don’t think I should be playing it….

  31. Boolie says:

    Great Game ! my eyes are crossed and it took me 40 min to go thru all the scenes, the guy hanging on the bridge & the pond one really got me stuck, but, alas I made it… great games guys/gals

  32. BlaxFagexJagex says:

    its easy
    the last one was the easiest one i like how it says END

  33. indonijah says:


    • LAurie says:

      I keep getting an X for even correct picks on my IPod …..Still on level one for 5 differences TRain Pic maybe

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m on level 11

    • BillyBobGoat says:

      i lied, just beat it….no need for help anymore…..took me about an hour to beat….

  35. BrokenHeart033 says:

    How many scenes are there in this game????????

  36. Yoda says:

    Park sign one HELP ME!

    • BillyBobGoat says:


  37. BillyBobGoat says:

    Anyone know about the one with the flashing lights on the tree? I have found 3/5….

    the ones I have found are:

  38. Charles says:

    i am stuck on level 7. i only have to find one more thing