5 Differences

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5 Differences5 Differences is a nice and original spot-the-differences Flash game created by Case Hollingsworth. Find the 5 differences between the original animation, left, and the altered one, right. You better get your fingers ready for some serious clicking! Have fun!

5 Differences walkthrough (thanks Sams!)

By Eric

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143 Comments to 5 Differences

  1. Liz says:

    Also on level 4


  2. Emily says:

    I need help on level 7 i have found four buu there is no difference on the

    Please help

  3. NeedofHelper says:

    Ok, i am stuck on the one w/ the blinking hand, and i can’t find any other clue. Please help me

  4. shexi naz says:

    i av completed the game it is a good game

  5. stefan says:

    where is the 5 one on the 3 lv

  6. sam says:

    yay! i beat it!

  7. sam says:

    also on level 4 Show

  8. CAL says:

    wooooo i did ittt

    lvl 14 creeps the shibbit out of me though

  9. c a r o l i n e x 3 says:

    okay uhm im still really stuck on 8
    i read everything youve posted and im guessing it must change cause they dont all apply to mine..ive gotten 4! its killing me

  10. Julker says:

    Very nicely done, very hard, but very nice. I liked how the changes actually differed from one time to the next.

  11. tiffydee says:

    Another spoiler on lvl 8:

  12. drew says:

    Beat it without help. Was pretty fun but it wasn’t hard if you just concentrate and look at each part one at a time (i.e. each brick, each letter, star, etc).

  13. Mr. Max says:

    hey, i need 1 more thing on lvl 6? you know where it might be guys

  14. Mr. Max says:


  15. jillyann says:

    well … on level 8 … sometimes there is a crack in the sidewalk missing.

    on level 9, diamonds on the soles of her shoes. thatsa song by Paul Simon. just so youh know. =]

  16. Nicholas says:

    a few more differences in level 5 Show

    this is an adendum to daniel’s spoiler for level 5

  17. moneyman says:

    dis roks dude

  18. sara says:

    how do you guys mknow what level you are on?

  19. C00k13s_4U says:

    level 1 I noticed this one wen I played:

  20. wheeler says:

    need help with lvl 7

  21. Toans says:


    Really Serene and calming

  22. Nikki says:

    aaahhh i cant do level 5. i found some random blobs, the grass at the base of the bridge, the bridge shadow and i still have 1 mooore, oh and theres no difference in the bolts on the light. what else is ther!?!

  23. Martha says:

    I beat it :))

    Awesome game :)

  24. emogirl says:

    pretty good…

  25. Dabulldoza says:

    Lol stuck on last level with 1 more thing to go! god dammit this is confusing rofl :P

  26. Dabulldoza says:

    YEA!! FINALLY GOT IT! I was missing a star near the middle of the screen on the last lvl! thats a hint ya know! lol….lvl 7 is the person hanging off right? anyway… answers are the blood trail on the heart, a little to the right of the person is a missing shadow piece, the sign go right from the heart, above that sign and theres a shadow, and theres also a missing line on the sidewalk very far left corner. Wallah! Level 7 is done for all those people that are stuck =D

  27. Dabulldoza says:

    Pretty confusing game..lol need some time on ur hands to get this finished though…good game though cant wait for a sequel! =D

  28. sam says:

    level 7 help!?!?!

  29. miles says:

    im on level 14 and stuk can sum 1 help?

  30. miles says:

    what iz the last lvl?????????????????????????? =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

  31. miles says:

    I’VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 00 ~

  32. kelly says:

    on level 7 its the last sidewalk piece on the right. i started clicking randomly for it too haha

  33. Eduard says:

    At level 8:


  34. stallionaire says:

    for level 12 the last one is the sidewalk line….

  35. z3ke says:

    im stuck on lvl 11 and u looked at all the possibilities

  36. Mel says:

    umm, in level 7, i just can’t get it… help!!! please!!!

  37. Mel says:

    o, on level 9 there is the building in the background. well the one in the middle is shorter

  38. Mel says:

    level 10: the water drain, window, this thing above the door, and that is all i remember…
    level 11:thing above sign( i think it is a bird), same thing beside sign(bird again), pole under sign, … or don’t(i just clicked on it), square in the middle of the seat belt
    level 12:bricks…shaddow under hug guys feet,
    level 13:buttons on tv, guys shoe is shinning, bricks…, wall inside the house is too dark
    level 14:guitar, shadow on top of light, bricks on window, bricks
    level 15:tree, road, stars…, soon on the bottom of the sign
    ha, done!

  39. es says:

    piece of cake

  40. i hate game says:

    omg there is no white line in doorway its reakin impossible (lvl 9)

  41. ilovejoetodeath says:

    what is the answers to level # 8 or nine its the level with the guy looking at pizza and a guy walks by with a nuclear thing on a leash … i already got the plum and theres no line in the path missing and i also got the cloud missing but i’m only missing one =D please help me , i’m desperate

  42. jcvhjghhf says:

    sadly, im stuck on…


  43. jcvhjghhf says:

    ooh, got it

  44. Lauren says:

    done!!! not hard!!! no spoilers used!

  45. dunno33 says:

    what is the other one on level 12?!?!?!?!?! i have the creepy mans shadow, the brick places and the brick colors, whats the last one???

  46. Souljaboy12345 says:

    Extra Level 1:

  47. evil clown says:

    yea i finished the game go me

  48. Jenny Loves Tom says:

    Omg Level 9 — How The Hell Do i Do It There Is No Squiggly Lines On the Doors Difference!!

  49. sam says:

    in case you gys hadnt noticed already, it changes the differences each time.