Escape Series#3: Escape The Phone Booth

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Escape the PhoneboothEscape the PhoneboothEscape Series#3: The Phone Booth is the third installment in the Room Escape game series created by Shawn Tanner aka Afro Ninja.

“In the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there is no plot, no story and no motive. With each installment, you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible. Explore the area, pick up items to help, pay attention to clues, solve puzzles!”

If you enjoyed Escape#1: The Car and Escape#2: The Closet, you will love this one!

Have fun!

Update: Series#3: The Phone Booth walkthrough in comment #4 (thanks Carrollyim!)

Update: Escape the Phone Booth video walkthrough! 

By Eric

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111 Comments to Escape Series#3: Escape The Phone Booth

  1. Jo Mac says:

    First and out in 19:55!!! I’m never first!

  2. NetMonster says:

    Out in 22 minutes something :)

  3. shyreen says:

    wat do u do

  4. Carrollyim says:

    Official walkthrough (Edit: Source – Afro Ninja)

    Other points of interest:

  5. NetMonster says:

    @shyreen: Where are you stuck? Start with looking down…

  6. NetMonster says:

    Wow, I hadn’t figured “Call me 4 help” actually meant something.

    Got the movie reference, LOL… the song reference is cute too, hadn’t noticed…

    How do I get the escape hotline?

  7. NetMonster says:

    Nevermind, got it :)

  8. lafavorite96 says:

    how do you get the quarter in the slot!!! it won’t go in for me!!!!!!

  9. Rev says:

    I did it in 23:02

  10. Rev says:

    1st tie to string to the quarter. Once you up the phone select the quarter and place it in the coin slot.

  11. Kay says:

    I managed to finish all by myself. That’s the first time I managed to beat a room escape game with no help. Now I know there’s hope for me if I’m ever trapped in a phone booth that apparently has no glass-breaking or 911-dialing abilities. :)

  12. Emma says:

    Yay… escaped! =D that was quite a tricky game! needed a little bit of help from the walkthrough to tell me that


    but otherwise i did ok! escaped in 18 mins 54… thanks for the walkthrough! =]

  13. Kaces says:

    ha! done


  14. Natalee says:

    i did it in 22 minutes but i redid it to improve personal best and did it in 9.01

  15. Stephy says:

    i finished in 19 minutes 27 seconds without any help!!

  16. c says:

    i did it in 9 minutes 39 seconds … beat that *****! haha you all need to get lives :)

  17. spoon uk says:

    out in 15 .46 im wicked

  18. Rob says:

    2:19 secs

  19. Bridget says:

    Wow. Finished in 18 minutes and 2 seconds. I need to improve that time. Good luck to all who play this!

  20. liinin says:

    cool 13.43

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaash ok says:

    15.44 i love escape games

  22. bob says:

    wats the # for the Grudge Gas Co

  23. stephy says:

    2min 50 sec

  24. i dunno says:

    18:52 woo i was slow at first

  25. emma says:

    this is probably the best escape game ive ever played…i reallly liked it, i actually ot out in 19:07 :)

    i knew thta call me 4 help was something immediatly

    i googled the Show

  26. lost says:

    HELP i dont know what to do

  27. nikki says:

    i compleated it first time in 18 flat =þ
    with a little help at the letter game

  28. katerbug says:

    yay! out in 15 minutes! i actually didn’t use a walkthru for a change!

  29. anna says:

    Wow, I’m proud of myself, I only had to use the walkthrough once! :)

  30. Joe47 says:

    this is REALLY confusing far as i got was putting quatar in slot

  31. Joe47 says:

    YEA I DID IT IN 10:51 WOHO (but i used the walkthrough)

  32. lafavorite96 says:

    first time…..10:56 snd time….6:58 3rd time….4:00 min oh yeah!!!!

  33. lafavorite96 says:

    thanks Rev!!!!

  34. EscapeGiRl says:

    Finish in 00:11:10 i guess thats good idk

  35. JJ Springs says:

    WOOHOO 19:03

  36. leopardgeckoking444 says:

    how to hell do u do this!!!!!!!

  37. Daniel Rivera says:

    I escaped in 10:35

  38. adam williams` says:

    my very first time doing the game with no cheats in 19:25 woooooooot!!!!!!

  39. Michelle says:

    i suck, took me 36 miuntes

  40. Yankaiser says:

    yes!!!! wow what a very good very very logical twisty game…. got 15 min on the clock

  41. tikitikitembonosarrembercharybarryriuchipipperrypembo says:


    ha beat that, not i escaped in 14:08

  42. cal says:

    beat it in 14:43 haha

  43. JESSICA W says:

    I did the 1st time in 5min without looking at the walkthru!!!

  44. GhomieZ says:

    hey u guys all suck i got out in freakin 12:51


  45. megan says:

    the string/quarter wont go in the slot!!!!

  46. Devin says:

    18:07. Puzzle killed me.

  47. Mackenzie says:

    WOW. This is the first one of these games that i didnt have to use a walk through for. I figured it all out pretty quick to. I am so proud of myself!

  48. Andrew says:

    14:22!!! holy **** that was awesome…truly addictive series.

  49. souljaboy says:

    8:52 personal record! haha freakin awesome game!!!